I’ll Never Set Foot in That House Again!

Baron’s daughter Chelsea was persecuted by her mother and twin sister.

Every day, she is forced to clean before dawn and receives corporal punishment such as being whipped and deprived of some meals.

Suddenly, a turning point finally came for Chelsea who was living such a life.

A skill appraiser originally called for her sister unexpectedly determines that Chelsea has awakened a new kind of skill!

Since her sister also need more control training for her skill, they were both sent to live at the Skill Research Institute in the imperial capital.

Now that she got the chance to leave home, she will never come back!

Also, since she was persecuted before, it’s obvious she needs to repay the favor, right?

Associated Names –
I’ll Never Go Back to Bygone Days!
Never Going Home Again! ~ Since I Was Persecuted, I Should Repay the Favor, or Else I’ll Be Unreasonable ~
Nidoto Ie ni wa Kaerimasen! ~Shiitagerareteita noni Ongaeshishiro toka Muri Dakara~

Genre –
Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Shoujo

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

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Latest Update: Vol 3

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Comments 4

  • The synopsis remind me very much of a certain indonesian folklore exactly like this, but without the noble part and the skill system.

    Coincidentally the character is also a three sisters, but their name are somehow named after indonesian word for onions

  • Yes, this is a non-reincarnated heroine but perhaps there will be someone from Japan soon enough? we’ll see, hoping for a good read.

  • Wow so pure fantasy shoujo eh young lady eh ? Not villainess, not Otome gamer girl from the past, wow.

    Hope it’s good.

  • Thank you for update
    As The Villainess, I Reject These Happy-Bad Endings! Thank you

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