Inkyara na Ore to Ichatsukitai tte Maji kayo

Outsider and loner Kujou Shizuki spent his high school student life in the shadows, living his days in freedom, when he suddenly receives a confession from the outgoing and popular high school girl Kasuga Hina! Even after rejecting her, she asks him to “Change me into your ideal loner!”.

Associated Names
Inchara na Ore to Ichatsukitaitte Majikayo……
You Seriously Want To Be Lovey-Dovey With A Loner Like Me…

Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life

Translation Group
CClaw Translations

Vol 1-3 epub/pdf
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Comments 3

  • The novel is interesting and fun to read although the story is almost the same as ‘my teen romantic comedy’ but the differences are still there. so if you like my teen romantic comedy, try reading this novel, it won’t hurt either. Ignore toxic comments, try to read and rate this novel yourself.

  • WARNING don’t read this book or you’ll get a brain aneurysms, this novel is basically a hot pile of garbage that tried to copy of “my youth romantic comedy” but fail so bad that it created this garbage.

    Also the male protagonist is an “LONER” wannabe that has no character whatsoever and is basically an a hole.

  • loser version of hachiman,the novel seem like a bad ripoff of my youth romantic comedy is wrong as i expected, is like the author look at that novel and think “hmmm how can i make a worse version of this?” and this novel got written.

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