The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become

Yuuto is suddenly reincarnated into the other world in a smartphone game and becomes the third son of a noble family.

“Skills” exist in that world, and Yuuto was reincarnated with “Noblesse oblige.”

When Yuuto, who has become an adult, embraces a woman as a ceremony, “Noblesse oblige” is activated.

That is a rare skill, the skill that lets him copy the skills of the woman he embraces!

Yuuto embraces women possessing skills one after another, becoming the strongest with the skills he acquires, and building a harem of women who fall in love with him.

Furthermore, it was discovered that “Noblesse oblige” can awaken skills and evolve skills, and the cheating keeps on coming!

All the women and skills I want are mine! The strongest cheat harem begins here!

Associated Names –
Isekai Saikou no Kizoku, Harem wo Fuyasu Hodo Tsuyoku Naru
The Strongest Harem of Nobles

Genre –
Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Supernatural

Translation Group
I Cant Read JapaneseTL

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Comments 8

  • If a real noble where to read the story, he will show author way to hades .

  • Just read this for the hell of it and it is as bad as it sounds. I rate a 2/10. Little to no character development. Mediocre “adult fun time” scenes. Having an elf fetish is considered the same as beastiality according to the book but when he makes an elf his second wife no reaction from anyone (family included) not even behind his back. And a few other stuff that says one thing but then goes on as if it was never said or done before. Also it seems mc cares more about getting a new skill than getting the girl? Seems like the girl is the bonus and not the skill.

    And so starts his harem with the quote of “women is going to increase in the future, not just at the level of ten or twenty, but much much more.”

    Novel ends with:

    Noblesse Oblige.
    Its original meaning is the duty of nobility.
    The true nature of the nobility’s duty is to give to those who do not have.
    And that is connected to making love to multiple women

    My ending comment: tried to copy haru is a sex worker but forgot to add a story.

  • is this on MAL

  • Another isekai harem trash. But thanks for the novel.

  • Wow just the title alone is trash. Then the synopsis is even trashier. Time to inject this shit right into my veins.

  • My god whats this?

  • This is the real shit

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