A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife

“I like you. Kageo!”

At his home’s entrance, the girl ranked number one on the list of people he wanted to kill pushed him down and was sucking his p*nis

Just, what the hell is this situation!?

Although he saved her from falling down the stairs, a sudden expression of love with fellatio is frightening. Kageo wanted to run away immediately.

“No problem-desu. I will suck more-desu”

“No, Sudou-san, things are already getting bad, though”

Is Sudou-san, a sl*t?

No way. Even though she looks so innocent

“Kageo, annoying!! I like you, true!! Believe-desu!”

Lalya made a sulky face. Because she was really beautiful, there was a punch when she got angry and it was overwhelming.

“I’m sorry!”

He apologized and ejaculated at the same time.

Associated Names –
Koroshitai rankingu 1-i no kikoku shijo kurasumeito ga yome ni narimashita

Genre –
Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Smut, Things you Shouldn’t read

Translation Group
I Cant Read JapaneseTL

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