I Shall Survive Using Potions!

One day, the supervisor in charge of watching over Earth was taking care of a distortion, when they made a mistake that caused Kaoru Nagase to lose her physical body. Not only that, but reincarnating her into a different, less culturally-advanced world is the only thing they can offer to do for her.

Not one to take this turn of events sitting down, Kaoru makes a demand: the power to create potions at any time she pleases, with whatever effect she wants it to have—and it doesn’t stop there either. She asks for a magical Item Box, the ability to understand and speak every language, and the same body she had back when she was a fifteen-year-old girl.

Using her newfound powers, Kaoru has to try and make a stable life for herself in a whole new world!

Associated Names-:
Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo

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Official J-Novel Club Ver

Vol 1-7 epub/pdf
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  • Unable to download because of all the popups and redirects.

  • Disclaimer: I am not fluent nor adverse in terms of any form of proper literature and the likes. This is just a simple analysis by an average joe type of person that can be subjected to bias.

    Note: I’ve have only finished reading up to the first LN Volume and have tried to summarize my findings thus possibly overlooking details.

    *Shows Promise
    *Has an overall interesting plot
    *Can be wholesome and full of cuteness

    *Plot progression can be too fast and could have been possibly improved.
    *Somewhat lacks a sense of depth.
    *Can tend to be really odd.
    *Confusing paragraphs e.g. no proper transitional verbs or clear signs of transition. (Partly also due to my incompetence to reading but still would have like something to clearly define transition between conversations or scenes.

  • I’ve now finished reading up to the end of the fifth volume. I have sincerely come to like the characters, particularly Kaouru & Laynette–For their personalities and cuteness, as well as innocence that of Laynette’s particularly on that matter. Though I can’t help but ponder about whether or not it would have been better for Kaouru to not have proclaimed herself to be a Goddess in the first place over just keeping it more simple and lowkey considering her goals and intentions. The same goes for what would have happened if she did not…That said, it has become quite amusing but at times exasperating as well. In general, weighing what I have found to be the pros and cons, the piece is good and I am really fond of it and am eagerly awaiting for the next volume to come around. I thank thee author for this piece of art, though not all of it came to terms with my interests and such, to each of our own, cheers.

    • Additional Notes not too relevant to the plot and flow itself:

      I very am much fond of how the characters were portrayed, how I found them to be full of life in their very own way each, especially the Illustrations that were often enough just full of cuteness and vigor or the likes. Praise be to the author, artists, editors…To the whole team in general for a great work done. Sadly, can’t understand nor am able to get a hold of the original work. Nor can I get a hand on any translated copies that are out on the official markets and the likes…Perhaps someday but surely not any time soon especially right now.

  • No more updates coming??

  • How long does the updates for the pdf usually take? It has been over a month now I think since I’ve been waiting for this and one others pdf to be done.

    I’m a bit of confused why two of the series I’m following which came after this one already has pdf while this one still doesn’t. Haven’t checked all of them but it seems that the latest ones have pdf already yet why does the old ones like this still doesn’t???

    Sorry if I seem a bit pushy but I just can’t wait but to read the pdf for this already.

  • PDF is taking too long to apear

  • Links not working?

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