Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha

Sajou Wataru is infatuated with his classmate Natsukawa Aika to the point of him living in daydreams about their mutual love and relationship, relentlessly approaching her at every chance. However, one day, Wataru sobers up, and has to face reality.

“There’s no way I’d be a good fit for an unattainable flower like her, right…?”

After starting to see reality as it was, Wataru proceeded to keep a certain distance to Aika, which left her in turmoil.

“Does he…hate me now…?”

Resulting from this misunderstanding is awakening of subconscious feelings that come and go!? Thus begins the romcom of mutual one-sided feelings, plagued by misunderstandings!

Associated Names
Dreaming Boy Turned Realist

Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life

Translation Group
CClaw Translations

Vol 1-4 epub/pdf
Latest Update: Vol 4

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Comments 20

  • A story about a man who stopped being a simp. Truly a fine piece of work

  • Sajou Wataru: for Christmas I want a dragon!
    Santa: be realistic.
    Sajou Wataru: I want Aika-chan to accept my love.
    Santa: … What color do you want your dragon?
    Sajou Wataru: … Red.

  • Warning

    Don’t judge Heroine as bit*h
    Imagine you’re beautiful girl with high SPECS,always approached by a normal male that you don’t even like,until the surrounding misundertanding you with him as couple (Heck,even I hate that)
    For vol 1,the Heroine still tsundere but on vol 2 their love begin to blossom (probably based on ilustration)

    • oh yeah totally not stringing him along, you seriously think if she disliked the MC that much she’d never tell him? or her friends? or the surrounding people?

      There’s a reason everyone saw it as harmless

  • You are kidding, right?
    Didn’t Mc stopped bring simp for the heroine but all the chapters, even single pov, he got the heroine’s name more than I could remember. It was like he stopped the direct approach and took a job bring her stalker… That was some serious shit.
    Specially with all the goddess and angel and cute stuff. I honestly would have give up once decided… Especially when the girl literally reject me, not once but more than i could count…

  • If there’s one thing i can describe this LN, it’s frustrating … like there’s so many beating around the bushes that it started to annoy me.

    Also the MC is despicable like what’s the point of him avoiding her if he’s gonna still do it in a roundabout way? He’s still a simp, he didn’t stop simping, he just change his ways of simping, pathetic

  • need volume 2 ASAP

  • I don’t care what others feel about this novel, but I like this novel! First, it’s a fresh air after I consumed numerous fantasy LN. Second, despite having multiple female characters, there is no real harem plot (yet). A linear novel without a catfight is good. Third, the plot is rather unique. In this novel, we can see how toxic a tsundere is by real-life POV. Unlike on other LN or anime where tsundere looks pretty cute because of the gap moe. I know it can be called as a kind of reflex caused by embarrassment. But in this LN, you can see how a tsundere act ruin BOTH sides.

    I know the MC is a bit twisted. But as someone who is following idol culture, i think his tendencies aren’t that weird as it’s similar to how idol fans treat their idol (especially in JP). They love their idol to a level of ready to start a holy war against toxic “fans”, but at the same time, don’t hope anything like romance. They will be happy as long their idol is happy. Granted, there are also those who are too fanatic that don’t approve if their idols get a boyfriend. But I’m talking about the normal devout fan here. And how the MC act, is exactly like that. He gives up to be his idol’s boyfriend as he thinks that he isn’t worthy for her. He chooses to just look and support his idol’s happy life from afar, through the “viewers” seat behind the “screen”. He isn’t completely against of his idol to get a boyfriend. As long the boyfriend is a decent man that he approves, he will be happy as long his idol happy… or so he act anyway

  • Please upload Roshidere someone!!!

  • Fast updates wow

  • I come back after the volume 3, and I retract my words. It has a certain harem element in it. I can’t say I love or hate it tho… I tend to jump on a sinking ship whenever I watch or read a harem series… Why do I always go with the side heroines ship…

    • Cause side heroines always the best, ! ahahahah

    • Because you’re a man of culture and tranquility, not a superficial brat that doesn’t care about a sh*tty personality as long as the face is cute.
      (To our friends who side with the main heroine: once you encounter one irl tsunderes lose all their charm, replaced with annoyance)

      • woah chill don’t speak the truth. Tsundere fanbois are gonna storm you lel.

      • I mean yeah irl tsunderes are annoying, but since this is a novel and you’re not the one directly suffering for it, it’s fun and cute. Besides the main heroine is already decided at the start even if it’s apparently showing a harem situation.

  • The translation looks so fast rn

  • I saw on discord that volume 4 already translated

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