The Magician Who Rose From Failure

Arkus Rayseft has a dream a few weeks after he disqualified as a successor to the Viscount family.

It’s a strange dream to experience life of a man.

It is the life of such a man who was born in a common family and died in an accident in a world completely different from the world where Arkus is.

When he wakes up, Arkus decides to use his memory to master the magic of this world.

To turn back on his parents who despised himself as incompetent.

A boy born to the eldest son of noble and abandoned due to his lack of magical power will rise in a world of swords and magic based on the knowledge and experience gained by re-experiencing the life of a man in the modern world. That’s the story would tell.

Since the war record element is about essence, it may take quite a while to come.

Associated Names
Shikkaku Kara Hajimeru Nariagari Madō Shidō! ~ Jumon Kaihatsu Tokidoki Senki ~
Shikkaku Kara Hajimeru Nariagari Madō Shidō

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

Vol 1-2 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: vol 2

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Comments 6

  • so the author of The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! axed the series and decided to focus on new work sad…

    • tbh that is the best thing the author can do
      that series is too long and just revolved MC catching pokemon type harem left and right, the girl instantly fall in love with him, and i see so far not much a progress on the main story. The couple last volume is just like a big filler that doesnt really connect to main story.
      so this is the best outcome for now

      • Dont get me wrong i like that series but its too dragging
        for me instead getting back to the MC world author should just go for final arc, we already know who is the main villain is some mage from mc world(maybe wrong about this).
        if they go to mc world the homunculus girl its not be included bcs her arc is nothing special even its a filler arc.
        i love suimei conflict its not included girl that want to be save every time but can get that.
        the one time the conflict its not just girl its an arc where suimei save and show his true self to the best friend

  • This one is pretty good but I sure hope he’s going to find a way to increase his mana. Other wise he’s just gonna get stuck in the middle even if he’s all kinds of clever with the limited supply that he has.

  • New series,huh..
    Well,I just hope that the author at least finish “The magic of this otherworld is too far behind” :”)

  • This is so similar to World Teacher that I still can’t remember how this story began.

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