As The Villainess, I Reject These Happy-Bad Endings!

Iris has awoken as the villainess in the world of her favorite otome game. But not just ANY otome game—one with nothing but bittersweet “Happy-Bad” Endings! If the heroine hooks up with one of her problematic love interests, the rest of the world is doomed… but if she fails, it’s the villainess who will pay with her life!

Fortunately, Iris has time on her side. All she has to do is set things up so that the heroine won’t go down those routes! Be it curing a fatal disease or re-parenting her possessive twin brother, she’ll do whatever it takes to reject these Happy-Bad Endings!

Associated Names
Watashi, tensei akuyaku reijōnanode, meribaendo wa soshi sa sete itadakimasu! !

Isekai, Fantasy, Shoujo

Translation Group
Cross Infinite World

Vol 1 epub/pdf
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Latest Update: vol 1

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