A Lily Blooms in Another World

“I’m breaking off my engagement with you.”

She, who should be awake as true heroine in a shoujo game–like world was smiling when she heard that verdict. I did it, just as planned! And…

Having her engagement broke off, the one who she immediately went to meet was her former rival.

“Come, let’s break free from this mansion! Let’s live happily together!”

The one who the heroine loves is the villainess!

Here we go. A happy different world life of two women starts here! …eh? It was free from worldly cares life with high quality delivery order food, villa with personal open air bath and contract with national treasure class and high ranking spirit (mofu neko)?

Associated Names
Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower
Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

Fantasy, Slice of Life, Yuri

Translation Group
Official J-Novel Club

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