LN Fest 2020

This is a yearly competition that JLN organizes. In this, you can submit your original light novels, so we got 4 entries this year

1st Entry

Title: Beyond the Freezing Point

Author: nomeiji

Genre: Tragic, Apocalypse, Action, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy

Synopsis: What if the snow never stopped falling? The second ice age has come and along with it, freezing temperatures that were never recorded before and blizzards lasting entire seasons. Before the world could react, it was blanketed in a pure white layer for snow that engulfed everything in its sight, and now humanity has been forced to live inside warm shelters used to escape the freezing temperatures outside. Rin is a young boy that lives in one of these shelters, spending his days scavenging for the shelter after losing both his sister and father to the storm. Out of chance, he finds Alice, another young girl spending her days in the shelter dreaming of lands devoid of ice who Rin eventually grows close to. As the shelter runs low on supplies, Rin and Alice are forced to escape into the frozen tundras outside, relying on the traveling journal of his late father to guide them on their journey as they try to find a place where the ice has melted away. To a place beyond the freezing point.

Direct Download Link

2nd Entry

Title: Wrinkles of Love

Author: Anime Freak Fazil

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Comedy

Synopsis: Kyle Zir, a second-year high school boy. He has everything he wants, but he thinks he doesn’t need love. He doesn’t want a love-life, but due to certain turns of events, his life turned upside down.

Direct Download Link

3rd Entry

Title: What Life Meant

Author: 『Yuu Ryou』

Genre: mystery, psychological

Synopsis: I had killed a person. I feel no regret. Instead of feeling guilt, I feel relaxed. All the pain I got from my fight with him suddenly lifted. I can feel no pain anymore after I killed him. And in my heart, deep inside it, I feel strange. My heart filled with joy and pleasure after I killed him. This is the first time I feel this. My heart filled with happiness. And so I realized. I’ve become a killer and I can feel happiness come to me after I killed this man. Can I feel it again? That joy, pleasure, if I kill people again?

Direct Download Link

4th Entry

Title: New World

Author: TerrorRick

Genre: Action, Adventure

Synopsis: The story follows a boy named Nathan with a superpower of which he got from slow exposure of radiation centuries after WWlll. Will he reveal his power to fend of the invaders or will he run?

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