There Is No Way a Support Type Character Will Have a Girlfriend

There Is No Way a Support Type Character Will Have a Girlfriend

I have to protect Shōgawa-san’s secret…!

My classmate Shōgawa-san has a secret that no one must uncover──
That’s right, she is actually a Radiant Magical Girl that protect this city! (And she’s super cute~!)
I found out this secret by accident, and to avoid her identity from being exposed, I vow to cover up for her, but she is a really clumsy ditz!
In order to better support her, I must be mentally prepared to stay by her side at all times…
「Shōgawa-san! Please stay with me (Physically)!」「Oh, Okay.」

Great! Now we can have lunch together, go home after school together, visit the amusement park together──
As a support type character, my support will be flawless!
…Hmm? A couple? No no no, There Is No Way a Support Type Character Will Have a Girlfriend.
A love comedy of misunderstandings and lack of self awareness, is now screening!

Associated Names
Otasuke Chara ni Kanojo ga Iru Wakenai Janai Desuka

Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life

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