Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt Light Novel

Ghost Hunt follows the ghost hunting adventures of Mai Taniyama, a first year high school student, who becomes involved with the Shibuya Psychic Research Center (SPR) and its young manager, Kazuya Shibuya. When Mai accidentally injures Shibuya’s assistant Lin Koujo, and breaks an expensive video camera being used by SPR in an investigation at her school, she works as a part-time assistant with SPR to repay her debt.

Associated Names
Akuryou Datteheiki! Ge
Akuryou Datteheiki! Jou
Akuryou ga Honto ni Ippai!
Akuryou ga Ippai!?
Akuryou ga Ippai de Nemurenai!
Akuryou Hahitoribocchi
Akuryou Ninaritakunai!
Akuryou Toyobanaide
Evil Spirit Series

Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural.

Translation Group

Vol 1-8 epub/pdf
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Status – Completed

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