Porticons Journey to the Past – Prologue

Porticons Journey to the Past



Year 2025

A group of scientists once started a research about how the “emotions “ in the human body are generated. Although it is believed that emotions are abstract feelings but these scientists were convinced that there has to be a scientific proof for this. Eventually, their hard work lead to the discovery that the prefrontal cortex and amygdala of the brain are responsible for generating emotions in the human body.

The team went further and devised a device called “porti” which was capable of manipulating those areas of the brain and hence control human emotions. “Porti” was a silicon-based device which looked like a round sticker and was capable of even converting the energy created through emotions into various forms of other energy.

After the success of Porti in the year 2030, a gaming company came up with an idea of using the porti to weapons so as to provide a gaming interface where players could use their feelings and alter the power of their character based on them.

The game was a hit and to make things interesting the company even launched a VR gaming pad of their own in which the players can participate in their own physical form and experience the brilliance of the game personally.

The only difference was that the weapons were replaced with artillery and other weapons and soldiers with players. On the occasion of the launch of game, the company announced to give away a huge amount of 10 million dollars to the winner and hence the preparations started for the inauguration of the game.


Porticons Journey to the Past

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