Porticons Journey to the Past – Chapter 7

Porticons Journey to the Past



Laying off the basic guidelines, the hologram suddenly disappeared and the whole dome got enveloped with darkness. Ellie, scared by the darkness, tightly grabbed the arm of the chair and closed her eyes as hard as she could. Sensing Ellie’s sudden shift in behavior, Ken moved his hand across to Ellie’s armrest and put his hand on top of her’s. Feeling warmness on her hands, Ellie became starlit for a moment but soon she realized that it was Ken, who is trying to comfort her.

Recovering a bit, Ellie released the armrest and held Ken’s hand with her fingers mingled with that of Ken’s. Ken also realised the sudden change in the environment and tightened his grip.

The charcoal black darkness of the dome was finally broken with the pale orange light coming from the capsules. The capsules were arranged in such a manner that it looked like the setting sun, which was well below the horizon but still distorted the darkness around it before it finally plunges into darkness.

Although the light was dim still was enough to provide a finishing comfort to Ellie, who was already enjoying the warmth of Ken’s palm. With a pale grin on her face, Ellie looked at Ken. The pale smile on her face slowly and steadily faded away as she became mesmerized with what was in front of her. It was none other than our own Ken but this time something was different in him….. Maybe it was the pale light which covered his face and sharpened his handsomeness or maybe it was the warmth of his comforting hands which suddenly broadened the niche’ which Ellie had in her heart for Ken.

Before this very moment, she had never felt something like this for this man. Yes, she respected him a lot and even liked him to some extent….. But this feeling was different. Her mind started thinking of nothing more than embracing this man. Unconsciously and steadily, she started to lean towards Ken.

With blinking eyes and lost soul, she reached close to Ken’s cheek and stopped. Ken, unaware of this development around him (as he was to busy in observing the lit capsules), turned towards Ellie to talk to her and………

Their lips met for the first time. While one was too spaced out to notice it, the other had no idea of what had happened.

With the warmth of Ken’s lips on her’s…… Ellie suddenly snapped out of her zone…… And moved away. (with a totally blushed out face and her eyes tightly closed) “ Sorry!… I am really sorry about what happened!….. I swear that it was not intention….. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry………. “. With endless streaks of apologies, Ellie tried to make sure… That Ken didn’t think any ill of her and it was totally unintentional of her.

(putting his hands on her shoulders) “ It’s ok Ellie… You don’t need to apologize… I knew that it was not intentional… So please don’t apologize “. Ellie opened her eyes and found an expressionless Ken in front of him.. She didn’t know how he would react….. Nor did she ever imagined that things would turn out to be like this but to her relief…. everything was ok.

Suddenly, lasers again lighted the center and to Ellie’s rescue (as she was totally blank about how to react after this) the announcer showed up again. Ken dropped his hands and again turned his attention towards the stage.

“ Sorry for the interruption, there was some technical fault… but not to worry… I am back.. so let’s start with the remaining half of the presentation. Now, with the basics introduced… Let’s move onto the gameplay. So every participant will be put inside one of these capsules (pointing towards the capsules) and they will be provided with porti and other necessary stuff inside only.

And to simulate the game to real extent, we’ll be providing each player with a suit made up of vibrators, which will simulate the effect of every move that is made in the game, to some extent. But remember, extremely hard or dire situations could have bad effects on your physical body as we or you have no control over the extent of vibration of these things. So stay safe!

Now, as the game has no time limit, hence the participants will stay inside the capsule until the fulfillment of the scenario. Food and other essential nutrients will be provided via our special technology of diffusion, by which the capsules will be provided by gaseous discharges of nutrients which will automatically diffuse into the human skin compensating for the lack of food or water.

Everyone will be given 5 minutes prior to the start of the game. During this time, the players shall work upon their character as their characters will be their virtual representation this whole time. So choose your character wisely and try to keep it close to your own personality as personality and emotions will be the key to this game.

The characters inside the game will be provided with a sword and a health kit as default inventory items. As the game will progress, you will get more and more items to add to the inventory.

In addition to these, everyone will be provided with magic spells also. Initially, it will be just a single spell but with the development of your character, the spells will also grow in strength as well as number. The type of spells which one could use, will depend upon the type of emotion that dominates the individual.

A person in his life experiences every type of emotions. Fear, pain, anger, happiness, patience, confidence, revenge and many such feelings guide, destroy and build a person out of a human being. But in everyone’s lifetime, one of such emotion play a drastic role. Based on this very fact, our game software scans the brain of a person and detects the node of the brain that is the most active.

<< it is proved scientifically that the prefrontal cortex and amygdala of the brain are responsible for generating emotions. Technically, these sites of the brain retrieve the neural signals from the papez circuit and transmits the signals from the brain to the corresponding sites to generate effects like tears, rage, joy by the discharge of hormones…… Here, to simplify the whole process…..the word node is used. Nodes (here) actually signifies the sites which gets activated the most>>.

Apart from the weapons and spells, the players will you be able to use combat skills and other stuff as long as it is under the rules and is considered valid. So the created players will land inside the play area and from their on, they are free to move according to their own will and for their own benefit.

You can make groups and explore or you can play solo also. Although making groups will be more preferable as in round 2 you would eventually need help from others also and by the time round one will end you will be also to decide whom you want to trust and whom to not.

To add something different to the game, we also have different types of NPC’s which their own self-awareness and understanding. Further, they could also be your foe or friend based on how you are to them.

So it’s better to calculate every step you take. Apart from NPC’s you also have to keep an eye on the health bar, which will be displayed on the side of the screen. If, by any chance… the bar runs out of health, then the player will get eliminated and will return to the normal world.

[taking a pause followed by a deep breath] “ So with this, I will like to take my leave from the gathering here. All the best to my participants and may the best triumph over the rest!…. So goodbye people, until we next time. “

With this, the hologram on the stage again disappeared allowing the stage to fall into darkness once again. But this time the darkness was only short-lived as white lights all over the dome opened and a well polished and handsome man appeared on the stage. It was Marvin once again who took the center stage and was preparing himself to speak to the gathering.

“ Good morning everyone, I am Marvin, a former US military officer and currently the in charge of the USA division of this gaming competition and I’ll take the proceedings from here onwards and I hope that all the players here are familiar with the basic gameplay and rules of the game.

So, this game porticons is mostly built on your willpower and your ability to grasp the situation. Further, it will also check your ability to handle pressure and stress. So it’s better advised to not over exaggerate yourself in case of any unfavorable condition inside the game and now I would request the participants to kindly come in the stage and take any one of the capsules here. “.

With this, 80 of the participants who were sitting in the crowd, stood up and started to get inside the capsule one by one. Meanwhile Ken, also stood up from his seat, removed his jacket and was about to get down to the stage, only to be stopped by Ellie who was holding his hand. “ Ummm!.. Ken. Before you go, I would like to tell you something.. “.

[Ellie took a deep pause and collecting all her strength she stood up from her seat and started speaking ] “ Ken, for the first time when I saw you, you were Just an ordinary friend cum college for me.

Your emotionless eyes and body, sometimes pisses me off and even now also when I see you in such a state, I feel angry about this but since the last few weeks, I have seen a brighter side of yours. You are not emotionless, its just that something is holding you back.

When I felt that, I decided to help you out but it was the other way around. [at this point of time, tears started to roll down her cheek] You not only helped me out during the whole robbery incident but also paid for my bills and took care of this girl who only brings bad luck to everyone.

After the whole incident with my family, i had absolutely stoned my heart to never ever feel anything for anyone else….. but your care and warmth had broken those rock coverings and now my silly heart only wants to beat for you!!

I love you Ken Koshi, please accept me as i am and go out with me! “.

Tear’s continued to roll down her soft red cheeks as she covered her mouth with her right hand with her left hand already preoccupied in Ken’s hand. Suddenly, ken pulled her hand towards himself allowing her to fall on his shoulders. With her hands on him, ken looked directly into Ellie’s eyes and held her by her waist. “ Ellie, what you did is really appreciable and it really takes a lot of courage to confess your honest feelings to someone you like and hence, despite being a bit confused about you… I would like to answer you before I go”.

[Ellie’s tears came to a halt as her curiosity began to pump up] “ Miss Ellie, honestly I don’t still feel anything for you or for anyone else as far as love is concerned. But In the short span of 6 months, I have understood this person that you are a really caring lady who is pure from heart and loves everyone around her.

And hence (moving his hands, from her waist to her breasts and wrapping it around her) despite being a lukewarm, i would like to go out with you and try to care about you as much as you do for me….. as in the end, I have only two people to live for in this world. “

The curiosity and fear from Ellie’s eyes were replaced with love and happiness with Ken’s confession. Her numb and nervous eyes now look up to Ken with love and respect. Holding Ken’s shoulder tightly, Ellie pushed her body upwards by pressing her foot towards the ground and elegantly embraced Ken’s lips with the soft lips of her own.

With their bodies pressed against each other, the intensity of the kiss kept on escalating with each second that passed on. There wasn’t any sensuous or any anything like that in the kiss but instead it was a way to showcase their affections towards each other.

The kiss lasted for about a minute or so before the two finally separated. [Ellie, wiping her tears off and in a joyful tone] “I expect you to atleast make a happy face while doing that…….. Idiot(in a very childish tone) “.

“ Don’t expect me too much… As it is I am trying hard enough to stay with you “.

“(bursting into laughter) don’t worry I will make sure to train you when we go out together “.

“ Ya, sure.. … I will take my leave now” as ken started to climb down the stairs, Ellie stretched out her arm and held Ken’s hand with her hand. “ if you ever feel lonely inside that world… Always remember that there is someone outside who is waiting for you. Do try your best ken, I’ll be waiting for you “.

Letting his hand go, Ellie smiled at Ken in affection as Ken looked at Ellie and without a word left for the stage to start a new chapter in his life. To face his past and to make sure that his future, in this very world remains happy and intact.


Porticons Journey to the Past

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