Porticons Journey to the Past – Chapter 18

Porticons Journey to the Past



“You can’t defeat the two of us girl!” said lady Oracle as Adam held her right hand from his left and they both stood infront of a worn out Amber. As the competition progressed, Harry overcame his opponent, was smoothly cruising towards the end [as planned] but Amber was in a grave trouble. She was alone infront of the team of Lady Oracle and Adam, two powerful player’s who were eager on eliminating the red-haired beauty out of the contest.

“My dear lady, this girl won’t stand a chance before your beauty and your power!” kissing her hand like a gentleman from old British movies.

Amber was fighting against couple since the shaking of the ground by Rico. Time and again, she used her attacks but every time they proved useless as there were some attacks which Oracle could handle and she protected Adam while there were some which Adam could handle and hence he protect Oracle.

Similarly, when they attacked, they combined their power and skills and easily pushed back Amber who was clearly not a match for the two.

“Darling! Let’s finish this off!”

“Yes! My love”

<together in unison> “Endearment Flash!” a red beam emerged as the couple used a combined attack against Amber who fired a fireray but only as a quorum because she knew that the fireray was no match for the red beam which came her way to end her journey in the Porticons.

“Sorry Ken! But I couldn’t be with you guys anymore” she spoke to herself as she looked down towards the green grass.

As the Endearment Flash met the fire ray, white flashes began to appear as the red-beam sliced past the orange, Magnus ray and moved straight towards the red-headed beauty.

Suddenly, a beam came from nowhere and hit the red beam as black smoke appeared and covered the near vicinity.

“I won’t accept your apology!” a voice came from the dense smoke which sounded familiar to Amber but she couldn’t make out who was it.

“I’m sorry but who are you?” Amber said as her worn out sleeveless overcoat fell down on ground exposing her off-shoulder skinny top to the smoke.

“Get ready! We’ll attack as soon as the smoke clears out and it’s me, Ken”

“I knew it was you!” a happy Amber exclaimed as she jumped onto Ken from behind.

“Come-on it’s time to attack!” having said that, Ken signaled Amber to move from left while he moved from the right.

Covering the distance, Amber and Ken simultaneously attacked the faint shadow on the edge of the smoke but only to blocked out by the sound of metal that blocked their attack.

“Hey! Hey! That cheating. At least wait for the smoke to clear out” a thin voice came from the other side as the smoke cleared out and Adam appeared out of the smoke with a metal pike holding off the two.

Ken and Amber, wisely jumped back as Adam continued “Are you ok my lady? I hope that the smoke hadn’t bothered you”

“I am ok darling! But there is a speck on your cravat.” As Adam moved back, Oracle cleaned his white cravat which perfectly contrasted with his attire. He wore a black, high-waist coat with a tailored tailcoat and a white shirt on the inside.

Following the attire was a white cravat and golden breeches with long white socks on the outside and black shiny shoes. He had well-combed hair and held a long metal pike in his right hand.

“Hello! Guys can you avoid this lovey-dovey behavior in public…….it kinda feel awkward .” Amber said while scratching her face with her index finger and a dumb-like expression on her face.

“You don’t know what real love is like. So see and observe, girl.” Oracle replied.

“And who are you mister?” Adam asked the new addition to Amber’s group.

“I am Ken.”

“and I am Adam.”

“So are we supposed to fight or you guys plan on continuing like this?” Amber prompted.

“Let’s show them the power of love Adam!” giving a peck on Adam’s lips, Oracle offered her right hand as Adam took her hand and embraced it with a kiss.

“Oh! God” Amber uttered in disappointment as a firebolt went firing towards the couple from Ken’s side.

Stopping the attack with his spike, Adam smiled at Oracle and leaving her hand came forward to fight the two. “Come towards me with the best you have!” with an evil grin on his face.

“Amber!” Ken shouted as the two jumped mirrored their previous attack but this time Adam defended and pushed them back. Moving his sword left and right Ken attacked him but each time Adam brilliantly blocked his attack and retorted with an even powerful hit from his spike.

Falling back, Ken allowed Amber to take the charge as he moved behind Amber and changing his flank, jumped towards Adam whose spike was already blocked by Amber’s attack.

Suddenly a blue-beam came from behind and knocked Ken down as he fell down with his blade throwing off near Amber’s foot. It was the red-black ‘empire dress’ lady, Oracle who fired the beam towards Ken.

“Ken! ” Amber shouted as Adam pushed her back and attacked her with his pike on her left leg as her legs made way and she sank down on the ground.

“Look at these maggots, Adam! They tried to challenge our love”laughing with her white-gloved hand on her mouth while holding her dress from the other.

Finding it offensive, Amber held herself up and charged towards Oracle from the other side but only to be pushed back and attacked by Adam who reached there before Amber by his magnificent agility.

“That was bound to happen my lady. Those who would challenge our mighty love are bound to be knocked off!”

“Stop wasting your health, Amber! It’s of no use” Ken said as he took Amber’s hands and pulled him up from the ground. “You can use basic attacks like firebolts and lightning, Amber?”

“Yes! I can. But I’ve been fighting them from a long time and I have only half of my NIXp left.”

“No issues. Just follow my lead and do as I do”.


“ Water-cannon!”

“Lightning strike!”

Both Amber and Ken launched simultaneous attacks as dense, black smoke once again appeared but this time it was Oracle who defended both herself and Adam by using a spell named “Shelter” which brings an invisible wall around the player which uses it.

Dispersing the attack, Oracle and Adam, once again emerged out of the smoke unharmed. “How many times will you both try. Accept your defeat and we promise to give you both a painless death.”

“What do we do now? Ken”

A long pause followed. “Ken!” “Ken!”. No reply came from the other side as Amber turned towards Ken to find him lost in deep thoughts with his head lowered and his sword barely sticking to his hand.

Running towards him, Amber shook Ken as Ken snapped out of his zone and said “Amber, how much health, do you have? ”

“Not much but enough to survive one attack of that spike”.

“Great! So let’s finish this off.” Narrating the plan to Amber, Ken moved back and allowed Amber to take the lead as Adam from the other side walked towards Amber to face her once again. As wind gushed passed her long red hair, silence covered the whole stadium <<it only felt to the four considering the seriousness of the situation>>. From behind Ken shouted, “Now Amber!”.

Without a second thought Amber dashed towards Adam as Ken, taking his left hand out chanted “ignis fatuus”.

With the spell in place, many images of Amber appeared as one running Amber, splitted into numerous Amber’s with each one dashing towards the same person Adam. Confused and unhinted, Adam didn’t know what to do and moved his pike in every possible direction as all the ‘Amber’s’ disappeared and a loud scream came from behind.

It was Oracle who was stabbed right in the gut by Amber as Oracle immediately disappeared from the sight of all three of them.

“You bastard! How dare you tricked me” screaming towards Ken with great anger and agony in his voice.

“I didn’t do anything. I just used her strength against you and your strength against her. ”

“Damn! You knew that I am with the spells and she has very less fighting strength.”

“It was quite obvious from the fact that you stopped all the melee attacks while she stopped the range, spell attacks.”

{clinching his fists and grinding his teeth against each other}“Damn! You. You took my love. Now Die!bitch.” Turning towards Amber, Adam cannon-bolted towards her with his spike towards Amber.

“!……….!” a shout came from Amber as blood oozed from Adam’s mouth as he finds himself stabbed from behind by a cold-eyed Ken.

Slowly turning his head towards Ken “You tricked me again? Didn’t you”.

“I just did what needs to be done. Trying to hit her was a mistake! else I would definitely like to spend more time with you.”

With a smile on his face, “You guys did well! Good luck” with his final words, Adam disappeared in thin air.

Keeping his sword into the scabbard, Ken said “ Let’s go Amber. Harry must be waiting for us”.

Eliminating two-three minor enemies, Ken and Amber moved onto the point where Harry was waiting for him.

“Oye! Ken and Amber” Harry screamed from distance as he came running towards Ken and Amber.

“Are you alright?” Ken asked with his eyes towards Harry’s ribs and abdomen.

“Ya! It’s fine from before. I’ll take a health potion from the store we saw earlier as soon as the competition ends. What about you Amber, are you alright?”

“Yes! I am pretty fine[with a shiny smile on her face]. Ken saved me.”

“So what do we do now?”

“I don’t know. Let’s wait for the announcement”

And they didn’t have to wait for the announcement for too long as minutes after Ken’s words an announcement was made in the voice of Steve, “Ladies and Gentlemen! We present to you our finalists. On one corner, we have the team of Harry, Ken and Amber while on the other, we have Amano Yoshida.”

The trio looked up as on the green ground stood a lone man in one corner of the stadium. He looked different and definitely not good as Ken hesitated for a moment and signaled Harry and Amber not to move forward towards him.

With Ken’s hesitation and signal, they both knew that something was wrong with this guy, Amano Yoshida as if a player like Ken is hesitating then it has to be something big.

Porticons Journey to the Past

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