Porticons Journey to the Past – Chapter 16

Porticons Journey to the Past



“87!” both Amber and Harry exclaimed with amazement as Ken’s level showed up on the screen.

“ Is it even possible?” Amber looked up to Harry as Harry himself was pretty confused on what the reason could be.

“ Ken, no offense but is it possible that these levels could be a technical glitch?”

“I don’t know and neither do I care. Level or not, what matter is how you face challenges. Life could either be a darling Adventure or nothing at all. So let’s close these things and move to our camp. It’s already late and we need to reach the venue also.”

“ I guess Ken he is right. Level or not what’s important for us the way in which we handle a challenge as the mightest of sailors have all faced the scars of the sea”.

“ I guess you guys are correct! We should get over these things and start thinking more practically”.

“Speaking of NIX Amber, we never got to know your NIX? Or your level” Harry spluttered as he and Ken both looked towards Amber as they walked down the steep grassy slopes.

“ Yes! Why not…..just a second!” extending her right hand out of the warm jacket, Amber opened her player’s tab and clicked on her name.

“But the last time I opened this tab, it did n’t display my data” as the tab was opening up a large roar came from the left side.

“What was that!”

“I don’t know but something is wrong. Let’s hurry up and get to the camp” Ken said as he checked his player’s tab information.

“There is nothing on the player’s tab. It has to a NPC or something like that.” The roar came once again but this time it was much closer than before.

Rushing towards the camp, they heard the sound numerous times and each time the sound seems to follow them and felt closer than before.

“Wait everyone. The intensity of the sound was much higher and I am sure someone is coming this way. If we rush towards the camp, it will create an unnecessary ruckus and I am sure that, that sound is coming for us” Harry muttered as he set his eyes on the elevated platform beyond which nothing but darkness was visible.

“Ken! I am sure something is coming this way! I can feel the rumble in the ground. I suggest it’s better if we avoid this thing as we can’t afford to waste our NIX. We have a tournament to fight in the morning”

“I agree with you, Harry. But if we ran off from here, it will definitely follow us to the camp and at some point of time, we have to face that thing. Let me handle this thing. I have a high NIXp and it will be recovered till morning”

Harry took some time to process what Ken just said and without any second arguments he took Amber and moved off to a safer distance while Ken brought out his blade and took charge of the situation.

“!…………………!” with sounds of heavy footsteps, emerged a large green colored beast from the shadows. He was very similar to a goblin but his size was comparative to that of a giant and somewhat it was better to call it as a goblin giant.

Long sharp ears, Yellow eyes [with brown pupil], sharp canines, heavy facial features, a large metal ornate axe and a bulged stomach was what Ken’s opponent looked like. The only thing that differentiates this beast from the traditional goblins was the expression on the giant’s face. Normal goblins tend to be sneaky and usually have a cunning expression on their face but this goblin had something else on his face.

The bloodlust, the hunger and the need to kill was clearly visible on this goblin’s face as he moved closer to Ken.

Striking the ground with heavy strikes from his brownish-grey metal ornate, the goblin sought of challenged as he roared with a heavy voice and ran towards Ken.

The cracks on the ground[because of the ornate] began to open up one by one with each step the giant took as the heavy footsteps exerted too much pressure on the cracked earth.

Taking out his sword and taking two-three deep breaths, Ken waited for the giant to close in.

[Mummering to himself] “ Come in! more, more more more!” as the giant reached in Ken’s calculated distance Ken, dashed towards the goblin as the cracks on the ground[where Ken’s foot was] clearly showed the intensity with which Ken was about to fight the giant.

The goblin swung his ornate towards Ken as he moved left and right and brilliantly avoided the hit. Meanwhile, the large ornate hit the ground and caused large chunks of earth to fly off in the air like ashes that fly of burning paper.

Avoiding the hit, Ken slid past between the legs of the giant and with full power pushed the blade into the right leg of the beast.

Heavy roar [of pain] followed as the goblin fell down on his knees and Ken quickly moved out of the way leaving the sword stuck into the kobold’s[germnan for goblin] leg. Then with series of firebolts, Ken surrounded the giant in a circle of fire as the dry, small[patched] grass served as a fuel for the fire.

Meanwhile, bearing the pain the kobold somehow stood up and with utmost care he pulled the blade out and threw the blade right towards Ken as the shiny sword dashed past the wall of fire and fell right before Ken’s foot.

The blood oozed like a river out of the goblin’s leg as he dropped his ornate and sat down right in the middle of the ring and closed his eyes in meditation.

Thinking that the beast is launching an attack, Ken fired simultaneous series of water cannon as the water extinguished the fire ring establishing a clear view between the two. Following the cannons, he summoned a large lightning strike which fell directly on the goblin’s head turning him into ashes and establishing an easy victory for Ken.

“What the fuck!” Harry exclaimed as he can’t believe the fight which he has just seen. “The goblin did simply nothing and he lost just like that. How is that possible?”

“I don’t know but something definitely seems to be off here. It might be possible that the Goblin was just a glitch that got fixed in between the fight by the company”

“ if that’s a glitch then too also the behavior of the goblin was too abduct to be considered normal. Something is definitely wrong. Ken! “ shouting across the place, Harry rushed off to him as Amber was left behind alone.

“ Damn it! “ an expression of anger followed as Amber zipped up the overcoat and traced the footsteps of Harry.

“what just happened Ken!” with an expression of disbelief on his face.

“ Probably the giant or surrendered killed himself. But I am not sure what is the actual case.”

“Hmm!….. I think we should return to the camp and try to figure out what happened!”

“No! It will just waste our power. I think this whole attack was pre-planned an executed intelligently. We will think about it later”

And hence the trio returned to the camp and slept a rather unsound sleep that night.

[next morning in the Alexandre city] “After days of journey and fight we are finally here guys!” Amber shouted with excitement as she jumped off the ground with her hands in the air.

“Let’s eat a lot, buys things and enjoy ourselves”

“Better focus on the competition. We have lots of strong competitors here”

“Yes! I can even feel the strong NIX’s coming from the player’s area there” [pointing towards the huge red and white stripped walled stadium that was covered with speakers and banners promoting the event]

“But we have time, so it’s fine Amber! Go and have some fun but remember to be there before the event and meet us inside the stadium !”

With a happy expression on her face, Amber came close to Ken’s ear and whispered with a lovely voice “ thank you, dear!”.

Giggling like a child, she went off to the food stalls as Ken and Harry moved towards the stadium, judging each and every player that came in their way.

The Alexandre city or nature’s daughter[as read by a sign at the entrance of the city] was a small, greenery flushed town situated at the foothill of tall rocky mountains. From muddy green paths to small wooden houses, the town was more of a village but only for the premium stadium that gave it the status of a town.

The residents of the town were elves, warbeasts, and goblins who lived in peace and harmony and it was clearly visible by the fact that the warbeasts provided security to the elfen and goblin merchants that trade and sell in day to day life.

The residents of the city lead a very simple and happy life but today was special for them. The VALDRO stadium was hosting an event organized by the human community and the event was sure to attract a huge crowd which would directly equate to higher profits and hence the city was decorated with all sorts of decorations to attract more customers.

“Hello! Mr, buy a dozen of bananas”

“Welcome, sir! buy a basket of high-quality apples at a very cheap price”

Numerous offers came their way as Harry and Ken walked inside the stadium and took their seats beside the lush green ground which was bordered by the raised walls, separating the audience area from the ground. Slowly and steadily, the seats began to fill up as the crowd began to pour into the stadium one by one. The crowd included the residents of the town but the highlight were the players who were showed up at the event. “Oye! Ken……here” waving her hand towards our duo, Amber joined as she had a cotton candy in her left hand.

“Did I miss anything? Am I on time?” Amber mumbled with her half-filled mouth as she quickly ate her stuff and threw the waste inside the dustbin, kept near to her seat.

“No you are on time and stop eating like this and chew your food properly” Harry advised as a sharp, loud sound attracted their attention.

It was the sound of the microphone which was just switched as a well-dressed, flamboyant man went up on the wooden platform kept in the middle of the “green” earth surface. He was quite neatly dressed and had great confidence on his face as if he was accustomed to doing such things.

[clearing his throat] “Welcome to one and all present here. Before moving any forward, let me introduce myself. I am Steve and I will be taking you all throughout this event.

So this event is an anniversary event which is hosted as a celebration event on one month anniversary of this game <mumble of the crowd followed >

Yes! You guys heard it right. It has been a month since our player’s started playing this game. Times fly and all that’s left are your footprints on the ever-replenishing sands of time.

<taking a pause> I won’t be too philosophical here and get straight to the point. So this event is called the VALDRO’s celebration and will follow the method of elimination. We have received 65 entries as of today and all 65 of you will be facing off each other in a battle royal event. You all will be allowed to pair up in teams of maximum three people or you can go solo. At the end of the battle royal, the one or the team who will remain standing will be the winner of the event.

So, let’s come to the prize section of this event. As you know that it has been a month since the game started and till now most of the player’s have either traveled half of the map or way past this particular point on which we are standing. Even now as we speak, the player’s are constantly moving towards the foothold i.e towards the finishing point.

As the things stand now, you guys here are far beyond the reach of those player’s and are technically out of this game<with a slight mummer on the word out>.

So your only way to remain in this game is this to win this competition as mark my words, the winner of this competition will get a boost in terms of power and abilities and most importantly in terms of physical position as the winner will be teleported to a position where the leading player <in terms of physical distance> is.

So go all or nothing as the war begins.<thousands of hands clapped in unison as the announcer finishes>.

Now I request the player’s to kindly assemble on the ground as the battle starts in 10 minutes. Good luck everyone.”

“It’s too unfair!” Amber prompted while staring towards the empty green ground.

“I am sure that if they had mentioned about this earlier, many of us wouldn’t have waited for this event to take place” said Harry.

“I don’t agree. From the offset only, it was pretty clear that this contest will come for a cost. Mathematically also, I am sure that everyone would have calculated this fact and then only they decided to participate here. Anyway, that is not the concern for us” Ken replied with a dead-serious look on his face.

“Guys, do we have a plan here. Because some of the guys here look strong and way too creepy” Amber said pointing towards a player who was wearing a stone-age outfit with nothing but only elephant skin on him.

“I have a plan”.

Porticons Journey to the Past

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