Porticons Journey to the Past – Chapter 12

Porticons Journey to the Past



<< banging his fists on his thighs with an expression of incredulity on his face>> “ unbelievable! What the hell is Ken thinking “ said Ak.

<<interrupting him in between>> “it’s alright!……i know nothing is going to happen between the two!”. [holding a cup of coffee with both hands firmly covering the cup]

“As if I can’t see the nervousness on your face. Had it been not for the cloth, the lad would have already lost his virginity to a virtual elf ”

<<Ellie staring towards Ak with a disappointed look on his face while slurping her coffee>>

“ Ok! fine…….he would have ‘mentally’ lost his virginity to an elf”.

[nodding her head in disappointment] “I have faith in him! I know he would never do such things behind my back”

“ Even I have never seen this side of him and I hope that he doesn’t do anything to betray his lover!”. Falling back on his chair he looked up towards the monitor to look how far things go for Ken, while Ellie despite having faith on Ken was somewhere feeling a bit uneasy about the whole scenario.

[[while Ken was busy in the game, here in San Deigo his friends were all gathered up together inside a small room which was situated just beside the arena. The room was decent enough for 4 people and it had a huge monitor on the wall which directly streamed from Ken’s VR headgear itself. The room was a special favor from Harry to Ellie, Ak and Ayako and since the game started all four of them were living here to watch Ken 24*7]]

“How long will you keep me waiting! Please don’t tease me anymore” with an intimating voice, Agantha requested Ken to carry out her wish as she sat on him.

“ Stop this!”. Putting her down on the bed, he held her head and looked into his eyes and said “ Stop doing all this. I know that you are doing this all for just because I helped you out but trust me I am not the type of person to ask for something like this. <<releasing his hand and pointing at the night sky>> look at those stars twinkling in the oblivion.

Those things are probably the most useless objects in the sky but when they glow at night together with the moon, they even outshine the moon and every single one is charming in their own way.

Similar is your charm Agantha. You may not feel it but your beauty and your goodwill are things that need to be cherished, not to be taken by any random stranger out there who don’t even know you!. So stop pricing yourself and start furnishing your beauty because you are the moon of this place without whom everything will fall into darkness”.

Tears roll out of her eyes as Ken stopped. Agantha had been with so many men till now probably Ken was the first who made her feel special of herself. Till now she thought about her sister, the inn and her sister’s future but today she realized that her soul is more valuable than her body and it’s time that she started to think about herself also.

[covering her with the crumbled bedsheet that was lying on the bed]“ I am very sorry if I had something imprudent but I didn’t mean to hurt you“.

Giggling at what Ken said she looked into Ken’s eye and with a very cute gesture on her face she hugged Ken and with a loveable peck on his face she pulled up the bedsheet and holding his arm she lost herself into the warmth of the bed. Meanwhile, Ken also decided to sleep beside her and together they slept the whole night peacefully.

<<next morning, with birds chirping and the sun shining in its full aura, Ken and Harry hurried themselves up as they were about to leave for the next town which will be taking them one step closer to the foothold.>>

“!………!” as the sounds of footsteps began to echo inside the inn, it was time for the Bealthrax inn to do some handy business as the elimination of the four war-beasts not only brought peace to Agantha but also broke the shadow of the powerful monsters which the customers feared.

“ Oye Harry! Hurry up, we are already behind our schedule. I just checked the player’s tab and we both are in the last position in terms of the proximity to the foothold.”

“ What? How can we behind everyone? I thought we made it far enough to be on the safer side of the game!”

“ Ya, we would have if someone hadn’t stopped to fight his arch rival<<with stress on the word rival>>in the middle of the night”.

With a glare towards Ken, Harry nodded his head and walked outside the door of the inn to take hold of the horses which they had purchased from the city.

“ Ok! then, it’s time to leave” as Ken turned towards the door, a hand came from behind and stopped Ken. It was no other than the soft touch of Agantha which had stopped Ken.

“ Wait! sir, I know that I can’t stop you but for the last time, I would like to thank you once again for saving me and my sister”

“Hello! Mr..” a childish voice came from below as Ken looked down to find a small war-beast pulling his overcoat towards herself. She was none other than Agantha’s little sister who was trying to say something to Ken.

Acknowledging her attempt, Ken lowered his head,“ Mr. thanks you for helping my sister out and as a thank you in I would like to give you <giving a peck on his face>”.

For the first time since the start of this game, Ken showed a hint of sweetness on his face as he smiled back at her and patted her head. “You are a very good girl and I hope that you grow up to be as beautiful and caring as your sister. So never be afraid of anything and always look after your sister”.

Having finished listening to Ken, she ran outside the door to play with her friends. “ Now,then I’ll be leaving. So take care of yourself and your sister and never fear anyone or anything”

“ Ummmmm! Please accept this sir! [unreaveling a bracelet from her right hand and handing it to Ken] This is a small token from my side. It might be too trivial to give you such a thing but I made this myself for you and so………[blushing with her face turning red] please accept it. I am sure it will help you in your journey ahead as I have instilled some magic with it”.

“Thank you! I ‘ll accept it and will always take care of it” taking the bracelet from her hand and wearing it in his left hand, Ken patted Agantha’s head and with a kiss on her head he walked out of the door as Agantha bid him a goodbye with tears in her eyes as she knew that it was probably the last time had seen him.

Porticons Journey to the Past

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