Porticons Journey to the Past – Chapter 11

Porticons Journey to the Past



After the fierce battle between the two newly made comrades, things finally began to open up as both of then, after walking through the forest of darkness finally reached the Jujuba village.

The village was nothing much exceptional. It was a very ordinary piece of work with small wooden roofed huts everywhere. The huts were very orderly placed depicting systematic planning and neatly finished township. The roads were once again muddy with traces of grass on them. From the look of it, the village was dependent upon the revenue from the passengers that passed through the village as most of the huts were either shops or hotels.

Despite the ordinary looks, the town was very peculiar in itself as the people living there were not humans. They were either Elves, Warbeasts or someone belonging to the cat familia. Further, the villagers were friendly among themselves and being a small community, we’re doing a very good job in maintaining the good condition of the town.

Thus, all in all, the animators did a very good job of crafting small details <<like cracks on the mud paths>> skillfully into the game.


Fatigued out from the long night long walk through the forest of eternal darkness, Harry and Ken finally reached the Jujuba village with the sun directly above their head. The main road was full of elves and warbeasts, buying selling and bargaining things from the open shops and kiosks <<mostly built in the house itself>> .

“Look Harry! This town has some very peculiar creatures. They seem to be harmless but these huge tiger-like creatures can be dangerous. So better stay on guard”.

“The ones with the long ears are called Elves and the other furry ones are called War-beasts! Have you never heard of those?”.

“ I have heard about them when I was a kid but I never got a chance to see them in pictures or movies…so yes!”.

“ Excuse me Gentlemen, these vegetables here are fresh and full of nutrients and are available at cheap prices! choose anyone which you like!!!” << a shopkeeper shouted towards them from the left>>

He was a war-beast with brown fur and white linings at his ears and other similar parts. He was wearing a yellow headscarf which had very vibrant colors and black polka dots. “ Sorry! sir we don’t want to buy anything but could you tell us a place to where we can buy health potions and other stuff?” Harry asked in a very polite manner.

“ The store at the right-hand corner of the left street from here, could have these things”.

“ Thank you for your help!” Having said that, they both walked towards to the store discussing the architecture and the people of the city.

“ After taking the supplies, we shall rest a bit!. I have to check something in this city “ .

“ Despite being the VR visuals, the experience of fatigue and exhaustion is quite real!…..isn’t it Ken?”.

“ But we are short of currency for that!” Ken replied, checking his player information log.

“ I made purchases before the start of the competition! So need not to worry!”

Chit-chatting both of them reached the store, picked up the necessary items and marched toward an old inn located near the store.

The inn had wooden walls with roof made out of hay and wheat straws. Despite its non-lavish appearance, the inn was very well maintained and it looked much better than from outside.

“ Welcome sir! I am Agantha and I welcome you both to Belthax inn”. A shrill voice came out from the open door as Ken and Harry opened the door and walked inside. It was a female Elf who was standing at the counter, greeting the new customers with a smile. She wore a red long gown with white lacey dress in the inside.

She was having long ears with fair complexion and a cheerful, pleasing smile. She had blue crystal eyes with blonde hair and a brownish tint to them. The aura of the beautiful lady was such that it instantly made the mood light and to a little extent, washed off the fatigue of the two gentlemen.

“ How can I help you sir?”.

Having booked the rooms, both exhausted men climbed the flair of stairs of the went to their respective rooms to take a good nap.

Later that evening, Ken woke up to a loud noise that came from downstairs. Having put his overcoat on he walked out of his room but only to find a group of well-built warbeasts shouting at a lady from the counter.

She was a small female war beast who had white fur, contrasted with orange hairs and beautiful black eyes. She had a tiger-like appearance with oval cut pointed ears.

“ Where is your sister Agantha, call her out! Tell her that her master is waiting for her!”.

“ I am sorry sir, but she is nobody’s slave and she won’t go with you!”. In a very frightening tone she replied to the dominant males.

“ How dare you speak up to me! You bastard rant” shouting angrily at the small lady, he moved his arm to her, suddenly Agantha came running from the inside <<from behind the counter>> and started pleading “ Wait! Don’t hurt my sister”.

In a protective manner she hugged her sister, folding her hands around her to completely hide her sister under herself.

“ I will do whatever you want but leave us right now”

“ How can I leave such a beauty!” holding Agantha’s wrist, the overpowered beast dragged her towards the gate of the inn. “ It’s time for you to service us! I still have the taste of the other day”. With a vicious smile on his face, the war-beast kept over-powering the lady until he dragged her outside the inn.

A very scared Agantha, knew what was coming her way. She had been violated time and again by these ugly, evil beasts but was too underpowered to protect herself. Day and again she reached the inn, early in the morning with her clothes in pieces but barely sufficient to cover her private parts. With blue marks all around her body, her little sister treated her but only to be violated again the following evening.

“Hey Vince, carry her on your back it’s time to play!”

“ Hey Mr. player, if you want to flex your muscles…” throwing a stone at the guy called Vince, Ken broke his hand as he was going to lift Agantha “ go find someone of your own size!”.

With a fierce look in his eyes, the war-beast looked into the eyes of the man who had just broken his hand, but all he saw was haunting icy eyes which can freeze the hell over. There was no malice in those eyes, just pure disgust. With one look the beast understood that this is no ordinary man.

With a blunt and no care expression on his face, Ken openly challenged the three as their focus now shifted from the elf to a new character who appeared as a challenge to them.

“ You bastard, how dare you touch my mate”. With an angry look on his tiger-like face, the war-beast ran towards Ken with his group mates following his run.

As the running beast inched closer, Ken dropped his posture and allowed the beast to inch as close as he wants, and with a firm fist delivered a crisp punch on his gut. As blood came out of his mouth, ken delivered another punch from the left as the war-beast fell onto the ground from the impact of the punch.

With one gone, the remaining two were child’s play for Ken. But not physically as at Ken’s player level his physical abilities might not be able to handle two running cannonballs at once. And hence, he decided to bring the play into his arena, his field of interest.

“ Clob’s cycle!”, with his one knee on the earth and putting his palm on the ground, Ken chanted the spell. Within no time of the spell enchantment, a huge blue colored circle appeared on the ground with small sub circles within it. With the appearance of the circle, the whole ground became sticky and the “thunderbolting” war-beasts instantly came to halt.

“Hey what have you done? “.

“ What is this sticky substance” <<one of the two said as he struggled to move his legs but failed to even move an inch>>.

“Come here Agantha!” looking at her,Ken called out for her. With slow and steady steps, she came near to her savior.

“ Look at these helpless beasts! They are the ones who have exploited you time and again. Overing you, they took advantage of you while everytime you kept thinking of your sister’s safety and kept facing them alone. But time’s have changed! Finally, it’s the time to exact your revenge on them! Tell me what you want to do with them and they will be treated exactly as you want”.

With tears rolling down her soft, white cheeks flashbacks began to strike her mind. The helplessness of those monsters <<monsters for Agantha, not literally>> reminded her of the cruelty which she faced in the recent times. How helplessly she kept begging for her sanity while the brutal creatures kept violating her time and again.

<< with her voice mixed with emotions of anger and revenge >> “ I want them to cry for their life, to shout with fear and meekness, like I pleaded before them.” With rolling tears and a heavy sobbed voice, she asked ken to carry out her wish.

“ As you say, Agantha”. The huge blue circle deepened further as a huge, hairy spider appeared on the ground on the top of the circle. The huge female spider was double the size of the war-beasts and covered fully with black hairs. It had amber colored eyes with black sharp fangs pointing outwards in a V-shaped pattern.

“ Have your appetite!”. As ken commanded, the monster began to search for its prey as the scary, amber eyes for the first time moved. The magnificence of the creature was such that the nearby war-beasts could easily feel the mild wind generated by the movement of its eyeballs.

Locating its targets, the spider began to sew a web around them to ensure total disability of its prey.

“ Oh! Heavenly Father, help us!”. The impotent prey cried for the last time as the death finished its chores and with heavy footsteps, moved towards the silk wrapped bodies.

The weight of the monster was such that with each step it the took, nature kept getting calmer and quieter. Reaching its destination, the eight eyes once again circled along with the huge front fangs which moved towards the ground to embrace the silky soft mummified bodies which were lying infront of it.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” as the spider, slowly and steadily crushed the skull of the war-beasts, the whole forest echoed with the sound of cracking bones and breaking necks. Taking its own sweet time, the humongous monster swallowed everyone within the magical circle and filling its stomach it vanished into the thin air.

With this, the whole arc came to an end as the culprits of Agantha finally met their end. “Thank you sir!” wrapping her arms around Ken’s waist she placed her head on his chest and with a smile on her face, closed her eyes to embrace the safety and warmth which seeped through him.

“ Thank you so much sir!” <<seperating from him>>

“I’ll always be indebted to you for this favor and I don’t know how to pay you back for this.

“ I don’t help others for rewards!! But if you want to pay me back <<with sounds from his stomach, already asking for what he was about to say >> you could perhaps cook me a delicious meal ”.

Hearing his stomach roaring from hunger, she couldn’t control herself and started laughing instantly. “ I guess warriors also do get hungry”.

“ Agantha! Agantha! “ the little war-beast girl came running out from the inside and jumped onto her sister to tightly hug her. “ Are you alright sister?”

“ <<kissing on her forehead>> Yes! My angel, your big sister is absolutely fine, all thanks to this gentleman here. Come now let’s go in……its cold outside”.

Having eaten his reward, Ken went back to his room to have a sleep again. “ Creak!” the old wooden door opened as Ken entered the door. The room wasn’t very lavish but the floor and other things in the room were very well maintained and had a homely feeling to it.

There was a wooden bed lying in the center of the room which had a cotton stuffed mattress and it perfectly synced with the setting of the room. The mattress was covered with a greenish-white bedsheet which complemented the color of the wooden floor of the room.

“What is happening with me?” standing under the moonlight near the window, Ken thought about the sequence of events that took place took earlier.

“why is it that I can’t find out my true power. Can it be a software glitch ……..No, if it would have been one it should have been fixed by now. What should I do now, should I continue like this or should I find someone to help me out. It’s not that it is a disability but having to know your own power will help me out to strengthen my abilities. Moreover, the ignorance of my NIX just keeps me hanging in the bay of probabilities.”

Lost in these deep thoughts, Ken spent an hour or so standing at the window in the cold night which was soon to be overrun by the faint light of the dawn. The scene outside by absolutely stunning. The light of the bright night moon fell on the green lavish peaks of the hills as reflected in all directions.

The sounds of the crying cicadas and other night insects were clearly audible amidst the silence of the crazy night which was about to end. The twinkling stars overhead seemed to enjoy this beautiful sight as they twinkled along with the cry of the insects, adding themselves to the majestic display of the night orchestra.

“Creak! Creak! Creak!” a sound came as the wooden floor creaked announcing the arrival of someone from the behind. Ken noticed the sound that seemed to be cascading up towards him but he didn’t bother to address the source as there wasn’t a sign of a NIX power in his proximity and he was sure that it wasn’t anything dangerous.

But suddenly he felt something soft and warm rubbing against his back as he finally came out from his thoughts. “ Sir! Thank you for fighting for me today,. Now I can live my life as I want and to start with I would like to service you for fighting for me like a prince”. Hands came from behind and wrapped around Ken’s waist.

“ what exactly do you mean by ser….” Addressing Agantha, Ken turned around to find an elf’en beauty that standing in front of him, naked with a white bedsheet lying on the ground around her feet.

<<Placing her hands on her bosom>> “ please don’t deny sir, this is the only way by which I can get to justify my emotions for you”…………….<<removing her hands and stretching them out towards Ken>> “so please embrace me”.

Seeing the personification of the word beautiful in front of his eyes, Ken couldn’t help but agree to what she asked for. It wasn’t just her beauty but it was also her soft, truthful eyes which reflected her true emotions and which compelled him to follow her wishes.

<<she picked up the bedsheet and wrapped herself with it leaving the area beyond her knees and the area above her bosom exposed>> With her arms stretched outwards, she started to move backwards towards the bed that lay within a few meters from her. Meanwhile, Ken also removed his overcoat and started moving towards the half-naked beauty, closing in the gap between them.

“!………..!” with the sound of flesh falling on the soft bed, Agantha finally found herself lying on the bed with her arms still waiting for Ken.

Ken, without any hesitation removed his boots and placed his muscular body right in the gap between her hands. Now with Ken right over her, Agantha couldn’t help herself and without a second thought she wrapped Ken’s muscular body with her hands to get a feel of what the body of the whom she likes feels like.

Ken, rolled down his fingers around her face as he tried to outline her face but only to be stopped by Agantha who caught his finger around her lips as he was rolling down her lips. With a soft lick on his finger, followed by two-three vigorous strokes of her tongue she started to licked his finger as Ken pulled out his saliva drenched digit from her mouth, leaving her yearning for something more.

“ Oh! Stop teasing me please….sir” with an absolute lewd texture to her voice she demanded Ken to be more affirmative towards her. Removing her hands from his head and pinning them down the bed, “Beautiful!”.

Removing his hands from her arms and holding her slender, curvy waist with utmost care he gently threw her up, towards the center of the bed while he himself removed his shirt exposing his chest to the cold gentle breeze that flew from the window, making the room cold.

Despite the room being cold, Agantha was feeling the heat that radiated from Ken’s body as Ken once again placed himself on top of her but this time their faces were so close that Ken could easily feel the sniffy but heavy breaths of Agantha.

“ I never expected my first time to be with an elf!”

“ if it’s your first time I’ll make sure to make it a memorable one!!”. Taking the initiative, she held Ken’s arms and reversed their positions. Placing herself on top of him, she removed the loose piece of cloth clinging on her body and exposed her bosom towards the man whom she has started to fall for.

Rolling her soft, silky fingers on his chest she started to caress him, maintaining the sensuous environment that prevailed in the situation. Then she took his hands and placed them on the top of her soft, bouncy breasts that were itching for his manly touch.

“!……..!”. A near-silent moan came from her side as Ken’s hands touched her bosom. Her long Elf-ish ears went completely from white to red as she herself couldn’t believe that any man could simulate her to such an extent. Perhaps, it was the caring attitude of Ken, along with his charming personality and heroism that made her so much attracted towards him.

As the moon was slowly and steadily going down, the erotic atmosphere between the two kept escalating. The beautiful elf who was already at her limit, now decided to embraced the man infront of her. Changing her position she fell on Ken’s chest letting her bare breasts meet the muscles of the man.



With sounds of intense kissing echoing in the room, Agantha finally get to let her emotion get to Ken. With her saliva flowing into Ken’s mouth, Ken held her from her perfectly curved back and pressed her towards himself.

With each second passing, their kissing kept on intensifying as their tongues rolled against each other, going up and down, round and round holding each other from neck to bottom.

Running her hands down his chest, she began to undo his pants but only to be stopped by Ken who held her hands and stopped them any further movement.

Separating her mouth from his and sitting up on his waist, she started to gently move her hips while moving her fingertips across Ken’s chest, touching and playing around his muscles.

With lewd eyes and lusty actions, she started to escalate her moments and using her hands as supports she gently stroked her hips upon his pants.

“!……!” “!!………………….!!” “!!!!………………….!!!!!” <<with moans all around the room, continuing her actions>>

“Do you want to take this a step ahead? ……..Ken” with a naughty smile and sly voice, she took Ken’s hands and covered her bosom with them. Slowly and steadily, she started to press her own bosom with his hands each squeeze resulting in a deeper and louder moan.

Porticons Journey to the Past

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