Porticons Journey to the Past – Chapter 1

Porticons Journey to the Past



“Wake up ken! wake up… Why are you sleeping this time of the work? “ a faint sound echoed in the ears of young Ken Khoshi as he suddenly woke up and stood in a position to apologize.

“Sorry miss Ellie, this will not happen again! Forgive me this time”

“ You don’t need to apologize Ken….. I was just warning you as if the manager sees you sleeping at the time of duty, you will be screwed up”.

“ Yes, miss… Thank you for your care. “

“Not needed ken!. Now go and attend the customers“.

Ken Hoshi, a young man of age 24 and a Japanese by nationality worked at Amos pizza house as a waiter. He moved from Japan to America nearly a year ago and since then, he struggled to survive in the harsh lifestyle of the Americans. He earned a decent amount and lived on his own in an apartment.

He had black glazing eyes with brown hair and white complexion. He had a sweet charming voice and was very kind by nature. Everything was fine with him apart from the fact that Ken was a very cold-hearted person and he didn’t reacted to the emotions of other people.

“ Hey! waiter! A medium sized cheese pizza for two.“

“ Yes sir, two pizza coming straight up ahead “.

As Ken was placing the pizza on the table, he eavesdropped the conversation between the two men who were too busy to notice Ken.

“ Hey, Henry! Did you hear about the VR game….. It sounds fun and easy! Let’s give it a try“.

“No, I think I’ll pass… Besides, I have no need for such a huge amount….you go on! I’ll root for you! “

As the two were discussing about the game, Ken keenly observed the Pamphlet which was kept on the table. The pamphlet read as [with a sword and gun in the background as a cover] :

The Game of Emotions: Porticon

Limited entries only

Come, participate and get a chance to change your life

Hurry up!

For enquiries and registrations

Contact : 53249XXXX

Prize money: Ten million dollars

“ Hey waiter, what are you eavesdropping at? “.

“ Nothing sir….. Sorry about it”.

“ Put the pizza down and get lost”.

Ken puts the other pizza on the table and quietly returned to the kitchen, unaware of the fact that Ellie was watching everything from the kitchen window.

“Hey Ken, are you interested in that competition…… What was it named exactly? “

“ Porticon or whatever they pronounce it as.“

“ Ya ya, whatever… So you interested? “ asked Ellie with an affirmative appeal in her voice.

“ No, I don’t have that much time to waste… Besides, I have no one to look after and I live alone in my apartment….. So I have no reason to burn my time over it”.

“Try to bring someone in your life Ken or else you will die of loneliness. Well! If you ever need me……I’ll be available anytime“ Ellie said in a lewd and charming voice as she pulled Ken’s tie towards herself.

Ellie Elliott was a young 28-year-old beautiful, purple-haired woman who had medium sized brown eyes and average height.

She liked keeping her purple hair which rea. She was white as snow and had a different charm in her voice. She had a figure for which any man would fall but she was didn’t interacted

“ Stop messing around me Miss Ellie… You know I don’t feel anything for you. “

“ Oh!…. You are as cold as ever “ she said with sadness in her voice.

Seeing her face, Ken continued “It’s not that I don’t have anything for you… It’s just that…”.

“I knew I make you move“ Ellie broke out with happiness, interrupting Ken.

As Ellie and Ken were busy with their lively conversation a gunshot broke outside the restaurant, punctuating the conversation between the two.

“ What’s happening outside? “.

Ellie remarked with confusion as a masked gunman broke into the restaurant and entered the restaurant.

“Lie on the floor and everyone keep your mouth shut!. This is a robbery “. Another masked man said as he entered the restaurant.

An old woman who was sitting beside the door had a panic attack and she fell on the floor… Unconscious.

“ Hey! You Old shit!….. Get up quickly and get aside”. Being unconscious, the old women didn’t respond as the robber kicked her aside. On this brutality, Ellie broke out with anger and slapped the robber with her full might as she was standing close to him.

“ You dickhead, can’t you see she is unconscious… Now get aside and let me treat her… Idiot “.

“ You bitch!“ the robber shouted in anger and he shot Ellie in her right hand.

“……………..” Being shot, Ellie screamed in pain and agony as tears rolled down her eyes. Yet somehow, she maintained her composure and dragged herself to the old woman and started to rub her hands to keep the old lady out of any danger.

Blood rolled down along her own arm as Ellie kept up her pace with tears and pain coming out of her body minute by minute.

“ Hey! Robber, you shouldn’t have shot her….. !”

“ And who are you, Hero ?…”.

“That’s none of your business. But this lady is the only one whom I care about and you made a very bad choice by targeting her. Congrats! I’m pissed“.

The masked robber shot a bullet straight towards Ken as he used a glass jar to parry the bullet. Moving quickly across the hall, he delivered two simultaneous punches to the robber.

The robber kicked Ken’s gut in response as Ken was pushed back for a moment. But collecting his strength, Ken delivered a kicked top the robber’s knees as the robber fell down and “Bam!” a kick to the head followed as the robber went unconscious.

“Goodbye, sir! “ Ken wrapped his arms around the robber’s neck and “Crack!” was heard as the robber lay on the ground and died instantly.

The other robber was too busy with Ellie to notice what happened with his partner. But noticing Ellie’s eyes towards Ken, he turned behind and “………”. A punch on his face followed as the gun went down from his hand.

“WTF!” a remark followed Ken’s attack as the robber attempted few punches at Ken but Ken parried them easily, maintaining his stance and position.

Launching simultaneous attacks, Ken punched the robber’s face, his stomach and his knees as the robber fell down on the ground as Ken noticed Ellie and the blood that was flowing from her.

Kicking the robber’s head, Ken said “Oye! Get up. I’m allowing you to run from here. Oye!”

Unconscious, the robber heard the word police and instantly got up from the floor and ran out from the restaurant. But he ran across the road without noticing the traffic signal and “Bam!” he was run over by a car.

Perhaps, the robber’s were too much of rookies or they were inexperienced in the field of robbery and they didn’t knew how to handle such situations. Probably the death of his comrade made the other person to panick and impulsively he left everything and rqan outside the store, causing him to die.

Ken stood at the door emotionless, without any expression on his face as if nothing has happened, despite the robber dying helplessly in front of his eyes.

“ You don’t feel anything…… Don’t you? “ asked Ellie with a grin.

“ I guess not!….. Now come let’s get both of you to the hospital! “.

“ Yes let’s go” Ellie stood up as Ken reached out his arms and hold the old woman.

“Let’s go! “. Getting up from the floor, Ellie walked two or three steps when she began to feel dizzy and suddenly collapsed on the floor.


Porticons Journey to the Past

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