Playing Cupids – Epilogue

Playing Cupids




I rushed over to his place but managed to meet him at their gate.

“Oh, hey.”

“Hey. So why’d you call me?”

“We need to talk by the way. Come in, come in.”

After we cleared the misunderstanding from the first “date” Brandon and Giselle had, we, Alex and I, made sure that the slow and progressive phase of the whole plan was going smoothly. So we have managed to keep him in check. But Alex was worried about something so he called me over.

It has been quite a while now since that operation. The last operation was going to be done tonight: the mighty fall – in love.

For the second time of my life, I went through a humungous house only to find a really small hut as a destination. It still amazes me how stupid it was.

What amazes me is how serious his face is now that you both are on the way towards his place.

Now that’s something. I never noticed until now.

It makes me feel a bit nervous now.

When we settled in his place, the atmosphere began to be even heavier that it was a couple of minutes ago. The feeling on suffocating in a presence you can’t even tell what it was – that was the feeling I had.

“This is about Brandon.”

I held my breath.

“So you want him to be independent.”

“That’s right. So we’re going to make an operation out of it.”

The plan was to make Brandon be able to make moves on his own. Though in fact it is true that he can make little yet heart thumping things, he can’t make big moves. So we were going to make him think that we will support him but decided to drop him from the get-go. When he is in a position where he can’t do anything but move forward then surely some courage should arise from there.

“You’d still give him an earpiece, right? So when he’s alone together with Giselle that’s when you tell her that we will not interfere any longer.”

The plan that happened on their first date was actually a success and made Giselle fall for Brandon. But they didn’t buy clothes in the end though and since Alex instructed me not to give to meddle in that part I don’t really know what was happening.

“Alright. Go home for now. I need to set things up in Rex’ place. You know the address right?

I nodded in response to what he said.

“Be there by seven.”

“It’s almost seven though.” I wanted to make sure it didn’t sound very offensive.

“Let’s go together then.”

We went to the mansion where the party was to be held. I helped with the preparations so we could finish it faster and when it was done I was told to be on standby and be the one to tell Brandon that he needs to do this alone.

A few minutes later after finishing everything, the guests arrived a bit late. I didn’t know what was happening in the party because I was in a shed at the back, waiting for my cue.

An hour later, Alex drops by and gives me a sandwich.

“Don’t fall asleep, okay?” He says as he peeked out of the little window on the shed

“You should’ve given me coffee then.”

He left very soon after that. Another hour later, I was given my cue and did my work. Brandon was shocked of course but I think he saw it coming because he kind of suppressed his emotions.

“Let me know if you start going out, okay?”

That was the last thing I told him. I left after doing my job.

I went back home but actually got lost in the woods. Goddamn, who wouldn’t get lost in a place like this? Why is his house on top of a damn hill? Rich people, urgh.

When I got back home, I saw mom fast asleep on the table. I carried her on my back and tucked him in her room. She was a bit light so I managed not to break my bones.

When I took care of her, I went to my room and beheld my best friend.

“Hey, Raijin.”

“Oh, hey.”

“A text came from the class rep: she wants us to hook someone up.”

“What? Why?”

“She knew about Giselle and Brandon.”

Ah right.

“You weren’t much help with that one though.”

“You didn’t want me to help!”

Her cheeks were now flushed red. Of course we couldn’t help but just laugh out. There have been many things that happened between us. I wonder how much more will happen when we take this one up.

Will you now?

Raijin & Clarissa – playing cupids.

I like it. But you still don’t know what your name means.

Dude, the damn thought is still killing me until now.

I wonder when you and Lisa start dating as well.

I hope that happens soon. Until then, we will make other people fall for each other!

What a cringy way to end this novel.

Playing Cupids

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