Playing Cupids – Chapter 6

Playing Cupids



“Hey Raijin?”

Lisa was trying to sit straight on top of my bed as she wobbled like gelatin. It looks like she got drunk   right after drinking her share of alcohol which was about half a cup only.

“Am I attractive to you?”

Her question made Alex and his gang shut up and tried to eavesdrop.

“Wh-what’s up with that question?”

“You never said I was pretty but a lot of my friends think so! Tell me I’m pretty!”

So, this is what happens when you make a wild Lisa drink alcohol.

Lesson learned. Lisa, please stop.


“We even slept together in the same bed. I tried to seduce you with my boobs just like Kate said and it didn’t work!”

Damn you, Kate.

“And when morning came, you left me on my knees when you licked my neck! It felt so good but I was left hanging! I thought you were going to do something to me, I was hoping I was hoping I was hoping!”

“You’re not making any sense. WAIT, WHY ARE YOU CRYING!?”

She suddenly burst into tears. Ah, I could feel those single men staring at me. Feels bad man.

“Tell me I’m pretty! Tell me I’m pretty! Tell me I’m pretty! Tell me I’m pretty! Tell me I’m pretty!”

She pushed me down on my bed and kept repeating “Tell me!” as many times as she punched my shoulders lightly. The supposed to be matured men were now watching at us with delight. What the shit.

“Alright fine; you’re very beautiful. So please get off me.”

Instead of getting off me, she started to grin and laugh maniacally. Holy cow, she’s weird. Really weird. And now, it’s starting to get under my skin.

“Do you mean it?”

“Yes of course.”

“Do you really reeeaaaally mean it?”

Ah, she’s really acting cute now for some reason. Her glasses were out of the way – it made me appreciate her face more. The way her face is shaped like that, the way her eyes stared at mine and the way her cheeks are currently red: I could study and memorize the details of her face forever.

Ah, what is this feeling? I’m not drunk but it feels like my mind is kind of hazy. My heart is now beating faster and stronger than normal. My chest too is acting weird. It feels so tight but at the same time it might explode any minute. My face feels hot as well. Narrator, am I drunk?

I don’t think so.

What is this then?

How should I know? I’m confused as well.

“You are, after all, the most beautiful thing for me.”

Something came over me and told me to caress her face before replying to her.

I take it back: you’re probably drunk.

Her smile made my whole body give up on resisting getting her off. My mind wasn’t probably even thinking anymore. With her eyes closed, she made our foreheads touch each other. Then little by little, her mouth started to make its way towards mine and just as our lips were about to touch, she fell asleep and she missed.


Wait, what? Why did you want to do it?




Hey, stop trying to confuse me.

No wait. I’m sort of confused too. What?

What’s your answer to my question then?

What question?




Uh, no…


‘Cause her boobs feel good pressing against my chest.

“What? You don’t want her to get off because of those huge marshmallows?” Alex tries to annoy me but failed.

“Pretty sure that those are soft so I guess a healthy young man wants some.” Brandon also tries to annoy me but failed.

“Heeyy, aye wants sham mwarshmeyyow.” For some reason, Rex annoyed the living shit out of me.


I snarled at all of their faces that made them take a step back. It took some time for me to process the situation. Oh damn, why did I say that her tits were mine?

After realizing that my actions were mortifying, I smacked myself first before tucking Lisa to my bed. She was mumbling something about a “ra”. Rats probably? I gave her a goodnight kiss on the forehead and whispered “sweet dreams”. For some reason, she smiled and slept soundly.

What’s up with your weird actions today?

I don’t even know, man.

I went towards the circle of men who were drinking and talking about stuff. As soon as I entered the circle, they all looked at me with serious eyes. Alex started to talk.

“Raijin, I have already asked you this question in the past: what is your relationship between Clarissa?”

“FRIENDS!” I replied almost instantaneously.

“With benefits?”

“Rex, shut the fuck up. Please!”

Ah, retorting is quite tiring.

Now you know what I feel.

“Don’t bullshit us around! She sleeps here like its natural, you guys always flirt every fucking time I see you be it midday breaks, lunch or even in my class! The greatest offence is that you even slept with her! AND YOU LICKED HER BODY!”

“How immoral for a bunch of high school kids!” Alex seconds the motion.

“I’m envious!” Rex exclaims.

No wait; there is something wrong with that last one. But somehow they all agreed with it and started to say things about their high school years and how they were forced to jerk off since they never had a girlfriend. Starting to get grosser and grosser as each minute passes, huh?

It took quite a while until the topic “high schoolers having lovers” finally died out. Now, there was a dead atmosphere and a dead drunken man who has been drinking since the operation at Brandon’s place started.

“Alright.” Alex tries to break the ice. “Brandon, I’m going to explain to you the plan with the game you and Giselle played a while ago.”

Ah, nice idea Alex. Here was the thing: it’s not possible to be able play games for a whole week or so because it will bore her sooner or later. So Alex gave advices beforehand like adding punishment games and such.

Another tip he gives is when Giselle cannot come over due to her reasons. Brandon was advised that he should text Giselle in an interval of three to five minutes when she’s replying back and an hour and a half if she’s not replying. This makes it look like you’re not that too desperate to chase after her.

“She will be the one who will chase your ass so you need to keep it cool and be a little cold.”

I personally think that this idea was nice. Not only are you trying to lure in Giselle by being a late in replying, we can also determine the time she has for Brandon using how fast she replies. Replying in a few minutes is where the “OK” line is drawn. Later than that means that she isn’t that interested in you. And if she replies in a minute or less then that basically means jackpot.

The strategy meeting continued on talking about the topics that will potentially be talked about while they were texting. Alex suggested some topics like students that they both find nice. My body was already beaten so I gave my tips and was about to sleep in my gaming chair when I said my last tip.

“A conversation will never follow a single route. It’s literally free and can lead to anywhere no matter how far-fetched the recent topic is.”

There I adjusted my seat and slept.

For some time now I haven’t been having any dreams. That’s why it always feels like I only slept for a couple of minutes. I woke up to the sound of someone’s alarm. I felt a sharp headache as soon as I opened my eyes. Not only that, it feels like my whole digestive system is upside-down. This is probably what they call “hangovers”. I seriously hate hangovers.

I sat up straight and felt the blood rushing to my head which made my suffering increase exponentially. I looked around and saw corpses of people who are now exhausted from drinking too much last night especially Rex who looks like he caught three torpedoes.

I checked the time in my phone: it was already eight in the morning. Uh, why did I wake up so early in a Saturday?

Wait, today is Saturday?

Yeah. Why?

Brandon and Giselle shopping date today, right?

Oh shit.

I alarmed everybody else except for Lisa, whacking their bodies while shouting “Saturday shopping date operation” at their ears. When they got up, the wobbled downstairs and immediately left the house. I, on the other hand, went straight to shower.

Damn, how could I have forgotten?

I hope Brandon doesn’t lose his cool today.

I pray for that.

Running around the house with no clothing but a towel, I ran back to my room and changed into my “outdoor” clothes. I completely forgot that Lisa was in the room so I changed like I normally do.

Then I wrote a letter which I addressed to Lisa, telling her that I had to go and she should contact me if ever something happened. I also left one for mom and rushed out of the house while locking the door.

I went straight for Brandon’s place to prep him a little. When I got to his place, he was all set to go actually. Except that he was shaking like crazy because half of his brain was thinking how he would screw up in front of Giselle and the other half was not functioning.

“Hey hey. Calm down man.” I told him, trying to get him to stop shivering like a wet puppy. “Come on, sit down for a second.”

I’m not really sure what to do right now. He looks like a kid who haven’t been eating for weeks and was about to die due to malnutrition.

I called Alex and asked him what to do about him. He told me to grab a glass of water and let Brandon drink it to help him cool down first. Then, I should make him put his hands together and clap at them to melt the nervousness down.

“Alright, cool. Where will we meet?”

“Nah, I can’t come. My body suddenly collapsed and I can’t move.”

This has got to be the worst timing possible. I don’t think I can handle Brandon on my own. Most of the ideas and strategies come from Alex and now that he’s gone, what on earth will I feed Brandon with?

“Alright. Brandon, we are on our own here. But don’t worry, I got this.”

I did as I instructed and Brandon cooled down. I got him to rest for a bit and decided that the date would be in the afternoon. With Brandon regaining his chill, it couldn’t be help that I make the invitation for Giselle. Ah, the reply was yes. Sweet.

After tucking Brandon in his bed temporarily, I made sure to look up the best date ideas. Though I do know how to act like a “gentleman”, I’m not confident that that alone would be enough for the date.

The focus was for Giselle to shop for her outfit for the upcoming party. But I am not quite sure that she knows that the reunion even exists. The invitation aside, I still need to look for the malls or clothes shop. They will be shopping for clothes after all.

I called Lisa for help. I asked her if she could recommend me a few places where they sell some good stuff. I also asked her some tips on how her ideal man should treat her.

“Gently guided around”

What does that mean?

Who knows? But I guess I’ll work around that.

Be careful. I don’t think one girl’s opinion is the same as the other.

I asked Alex to be sure, asked if something happened to Giselle’s apartment specifically. When I called him again, it took some time for him to answer. When he did, he was coughing his lungs out. I thought for a second he was going to die or something.

“There was something about a clothes shop. A friend from high school, probably Jim’s daughter, invited her to the reunion. Giselle accidentally slipped her tongue and was forced to spill the beans to her.”

“Wait a second: I though Jim was your classmate?”

“Nah. He was the neighbor of Brandon back then. But a doting uncle would be appropriate term.”

“Then how come he’s involved? Like how you use the facilities, getting in and out of school with ease?”

“Jim has been looking after Brandon since he was a kid.” He coughed a few times before continuing. “He knew and wanted to help.”

That’s something.

“Alright then. Thanks. Anything else?”

“Yeah. She wants to wear a something formal in the party so look it up now.”

Something formal, huh. Isn’t she supposed to be a girl who doesn’t want to dress up and shit? I mean, that was my first impression of her. There are women that don’t bother dressing up but still want a man and I thought she was in that category.

“Do your best. Come to my place when the date is done. Beep–”

I looked up some formal outfits for women on the internet using my phone and listed them down. There were a lot to choose from which sort of a good thing for the date but somehow a bad thing for me. This requires more researching on the internet.

I looked up the each outfit on the list, its average cost, how stunning or how impactful it is and how uncomfortable it is to wear.

Wait, why do you need to list them all up?

In order to assist Brandon assist Giselle I need to tell him this stuff via the ear pieces. And if Brandon showed off his knowledge about this, Giselle, who is not familiar with women’s clothing, would be amazed – charismatic points up.

That’s some way of thinking.

I’m pretty sure Alex would agree on this too.

I went out of the apartment for now and scanned the whole “route” of the date. The route was as follows: movies, shop for clothes, dinner. The first in order was for them to watch movies together.

I’m not so sure what genre Giselle wanted so I’ll make it so that by the time they arrived at the movie theatre the movies that are about to be shown have a wide variety of genres from comedy to drama to romance to action.

Next in line would be the route they take towards the stores.

Why do you even need to take note of that shit? They should just take the shortest way possible so that they won’t waste time.

The purpose of this date is not to conserve time but to have fun.

The streets where they walk through should have this nice comfortable atmosphere. I tried to walk around several times and found the best one: the streets were full of those street performers and artists.

This lively ambience will definitely make things smooth. With all of the street performers, I’ll have Brandon stop at several stalls. I had to ask the stalls if they were still open in the afternoon. Some performers go home in the afternoon so I took note of those and decided to make use of the stalls left and convinced them to help me a bit.

I have no idea whatsoever what dates are supposed to be but I think they’re supposed to deepen the bonds of both parties. And doing small things, based on my own experiences, is the best way so far.

And lastly, the stores. I went and straight to women’s clothing and checked everything. I was reluctant at first to ask the sales lady since they make you understand weird things but I hit a dead end and needed help. Their advice is actually good so long that you have to make them shut up first and explain thoroughly. I also made another list about which clothes are available in which stores and how do the price vary, etc.

Now that I have all my information, I went back home and relayed the information and the plan to him.

“Wait a second; I cannot tell which is which from the dresses because they all look the same to me! What if I was referring to a different item?”

Ah shit, he’s right. He is also unfamiliar with women’s clothing. I need some sort of way to look at them while they are shopping but I can’t have him wear glasses with a camera since the camera would be obvious.

“What if you ‘coincidentally’ meet me?”

“In a shop for women? If you were a girl then that plan could work.”

Right, they were going to a place where men are almost non-existent. The reason why there are some males in stores like those is because they have female companions, be it a date or their relative.

“Why don’t you just come with Lisa?” Brandon said. “That way I could ‘coincidentally’ meet you with an appropriate reason.”

A date?

With Lisa?

No no no no, I don’t think it’s not counted as a date because we have an ulterior motive.

Yes, it should be nice to have a pretend date with Lisa, ehehehe.

Yeah, that would feel great.

Hey, you’re literally talking to yourself now. What happened to me?

Brandon, for some reason, had a smirk on his face. It took me a while before I realized that he just wanted me to go on a “date” with Lisa

“I know you want it.”

He grins.

“I-It can’t be helped, okay?”

Ah, why am I so happy about this even though it’s pretend?

“Oh yeah. It cannot be helped at all. You’re forced to.”

“Alright then. I’ll go to her now. Go ask Giselle to meet up at the park, 1 P.M.”

I left the building but didn’t go to Lisa’s apartment but my place. When I got home, I asked my mom where Lisa was.

“At your room lazing around.” She said. “She really likes your room, huh.”

Please don’t make me feel so embarrassed about something “normal”, mom.

I opened the door and beheld Lisa lying on my bed in her underwear. The curves of her body weren’t perfect but somehow it turned me on so much more. Her legs up to her thighs look so soft and smooth since its pale white, blending in with her pink panties and bra.

Yeah, her body is sexy. But I completely forgot every single detail the moment she turned around and spotted me.

“I can explain.” Is what I wanted to say but she clobbered me before I could even do anything at all.

Ah, my face hurts so much.

“Have you ever heard of knocking?”

Clarissa made me stare at the corner while she put some clothes on.

“Have you ever heard of not taking your clothes off on other people’s room?”

“Ah! Shut up shut up! So, why did you come here?”

I explained the whole situation.

“Ah, you need a p-pr-pp-pr-pretend date? Ye-yeah, you’re desperate. Ri-Right? It’s fine, it’s n-n-nn-n-not like w-we’re actually going to go on a real d-d-dd-date.”

“Your words and your facial expression are the space between the earth and the moon.” Is what I wanted to say but I decided not to since she started grinning and laughing maniacally. Hah, I guess that’s that.

I guess I can have fun while doing is operation too. I can roam around with Lisa after all.

Hey, I thought it’s going to be a pretend date?

It will be one. But hanging out with Lisa on another place other than my room won’t hurt anyone.

But that will deepen your bonds and according to your own definition of “dates”, they deepen both parties’ relationship with each other.


Yeah, sure: friends.

After Lisa agreed to the pretend date that will help Brandon out, we both went to Brandon’s place and had lunch there while doing another briefing while eating. I also taught him the precautionary measures he needs to know like what to do when her ankles are sprained and such. When these events happen and Brandon comes to the rescue, his image would dramatically increase in the positive side.

“We will try to trail you and not look suspicious for as long as we can. We will give you instructions as you go through the streets but you need to take action on some stuff. There is a limit to what I know about girls, more so on Giselle.”

“Ah, this will be fun! This is my first time watching people flirt.” Lisa exclaimed. Wait, what are you so excited about? We’re almost being stalkers.

“So, Brandon: are you good to go?”

“I’m not ready. But fuck it anyway, let’s do it.” That’s the spirit! “And before that, Raijin, you should change into something. That look gives off the ‘lazy’ vibe. I’ll lend you some stuff that might suit you, come on.”

What the hell.

I followed him to the bedroom and he pulled out different stuff from a big-ass bag that looked like storage for old clothing. There was a lot of stuff: long sleeves, leather shoes and the like – mainly everything that I don’t like which is everything other than the ones I’m wearing right now.

If it was solely Brandon who wanted me to dress up then I could’ve refused whole-heartedly. But Lisa decided to command me to do what Brandon says. Of course I will do it half-heartedly.

I ended up choosing something I’m not so sure myself. The outfit was, starting from the bottom, a pair of brown shoes, a pair of denims, light-colored long sleeves with a dark-colored shirt and a fedora hat that matched my footwear.

“That looks good! You look like a total chick magnet! Don’t you think so, Cla – wait why are you glaring at me like that?”

Brandon’s compliment towards me suddenly disappeared in thin air due to a certain person staring daggers at him.

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not ‘nothing’ if your face shows off that ow it hurts a lot hurts a lot hurts a lot stop already! OW!” She kept on kicking his feet until Brandon gave in and decided to apologize.

“So, Lisa?” I ask. “Does it really look good?”

Why are you even confirming?

Because different people have different ways of looking at something or someone.

If you look good then you’re generally good-looking.

Doesn’t matter. I need her answer.


I don’t know.

“Y-yeah.” She turns around as soon as she noticed that I saw her blushing. “It looks good.”

My chest tightens as soon as she replied. The moment I received that compliment sent goose bumps all over my skin throughout my whole body. I can already hear my heart beating so loud.

Woah, hold up. Why am I overjoyed?

Me too.

No shit, Capt. Obvious. We have the same brain.

I want to run away screaming.

I’m going to fall on my knees any second now STOP SMILING AND BLUSHING LISA!

“Alright alright, enough flirting. Come on!”

Brandon, who obviously just wanted to destroy the very pleasing and lovely atmosphere we had going, dragged out butts out of his room. I’m going to take revenge on you later you piece of shit.

We accompanied him on the way to the park but we probably cannot overextend. Together with the fact that it’s too risky, if Giselle happens to notice that we, Lisa and I, watched the same movie as them and then accidentally meet at the store, that would potentially lead to our compromise or failure. Luckily, there is a café near the theater so Lisa and I would hang back there and dish out instructions. This is the safest way to approach the scene so far.

“Remember: the line you will say is ‘No, I just got here.’ Toggle your ear piece on. We’re going live.”

“This is not a dating sim game but I’ll do it.”

We then left him at the park and went straight for the café just across the street from the movie theater. I checked the time and it was still 12:33 so it should take some time before Giselle arrives.

To kill some time, we ordered some coffee.

“My my, what cute couple you are.” The lady on the counter said. “A young and beautiful lady together with a young handsome lad: this is a rare sight.”

“A-ah, y-ye-yes. Ah-ah… yeah…”

I can’t tell if your defiant or happy because your smile and your blush is reaching your ears.

“This is our first date after all so she’s a bit embarrassed.”

“How cuuute.”

Everybody else was now probably staring at us. This is bothersome: it’s okay for people to look at me like that but Lisa’s taking too much damage and is overheating. I can see the smoke coming out of her head.

Oh please. You’re not embarrassed?

I actually am but I need to control it so please don’t be an asshole and help me or, at the very least, get out of my fucking way.

We took our orders and got ourselves a seat facing each other and for three solid minutes there was an awkward dead atmosphere in between us. There was nothing to say or nothing to listen to but to the distinct chatters of the people around us. Ah, this is bad.

“I hope Brandon will remember everything we taught him.” The atmosphere was suffocating so I tried breaking the ice. “He looked nervous when we left him.”

Instead of her old rowdy response, she only nodded. Ah, it’s not use huh. I guess it’s going to be like this until Brandon and Giselle enters the theater.

“Wait a second, how can you read Giselle if you cannot see her or at least imagine what she’s thinking?”

“The conversation will–”

Oh shit. That’s right: there won’t be much talk inside a theater. Without any information whatsoever, I cannot give anything to Brandon. This looks really bad. Should I just go in? But there is a good chance that they might see me if I try to snoop around them. I could do it if I was in some sort of disguise. I wish I didn’t change into this.

“What’s wrong, Rai?”

“I’m thinking of a way to be able to support them without being blown out of cover.”

Ah, what should I do?

I have nothing. Every possible idea I think of needs much more time than what we have.

“Just let Rex in, get him in a row just behind them and make him text you all the info you need.”

Cover blown?

Will not happen.

Visuals or something along those lines?

Sort of happening.


“Don’t mention it.”

Wow, that was unexpected. But wait.

“So what was the point of asking me that question again?”

“To startle you for a second. I got you real good. You should’ve seen the look on your face.”

I am supposed to be annoyed about how she teased me but for some reason it didn’t. The way she giggled today was different as well as the way she looked at my eyes. Oh well, I guess I will let this one pass.

I contacted Rex explained the whole situation to him.

“Oh. Why don’t I just wear a pair of glasses with an installed camera so you can see what they’re doing in real time?”

True enough that I must be able to look at the in real time. By real time I meant that I should witness the events and movements as they are being done. It’s basically watching “live”.

“You need light for the camera to be able to get a decent video of those two.”

“Ah, right. I’m coming over then.”

A few minutes later, he arrived. There was still no signal of Giselle and Brandon from the comms since the operation started. I didn’t want to check him every minute because his date might see the ear piece.

I gave him the instructions again, gave him his own set for the ear piece and gave him some more prep talk.

“You want to be able to see what they’re doing so please be as close as possible to them but not so close that your cover would get compromised.”

He nods before leaving me and Lisa in the table. He sent me a trial run and it seems that he bought a ticket and looked for a person to trial with. It was a success because when he called me, I clarified my predictions they were all correct. Now he is on standby, waiting for Giselle and Brandon to go here.

~“Did you wait?”~

~“Nah, I just got here.”~

Ah, it looks like they’re on their way. I notified Rex about the current situation update and instructed him to only enter when it has been three minutes after they entered.

I wonder if Brandon was a coward when dealing with love or dealing Giselle?

That I’m not so sure either.

There are a lot of points that prove he’s nervous around her but there are also some points that prove he can make her heart thump.

Both I think? But more on the coward dealing with love.

In a span of a few minutes, they have arrived at the movies and entered. Another few minutes before I instructed Rex to go in. It did take a while until he finally told me that he was in position.

But now that I think about it, there aren’t many things to instruct him for now. I just need to cue him when he would hold her hands or stuff. That’s why I gave Rex my first set of instructions.

Rai: “Which genre are they watching?”

Please be romance.

Rx: “It’s about a guy who got dragged in a gang war and was forced to join one.”

Oh, shit.

Oh well, there goes the movies flag.

Rai: “It doesn’t matter anymore. Watch the movie if you want or leave. It’s up to you.”

“Come in, Brandon. Give up on making any moves there and focus on the movie. I’ll be out until you leave the theater but don’t put your ear piece off.”

Ah well, that sucks.

“So,” Lisa said after sipping from her seemingly never emptied cup of coffee. “why did you give up on this phase?”

“It’s a bloody and gory movie. Be more feminine, Giselle.”

“Ah. Yeah, watching an awesome action movie is pretty bad for a girl after all.”

Huh, why are you suddenly frowning? Wait, awesome? You like them too? Oh shit, why do girls like these kinds of movies nowadays?

It has something to do with your preference of romance and comedy and both.

Why is Lisa sounding more masculine than me because of movie genre preference?

“I-It’s not that bad. I think it’s nice that girls like that kind of movies.”

She’s starting to turn her frown upside down. Ugh, she’s smiling and it’s making me smile too. What a contagious smile it is.

“Giselle only picked the wrong movie for a date. That’s all.”

“Then what genres do you like?”

“H-horror.” A lie: I can’t stand horror movies.

“Really!?” Her eyes gleamed when she exclaimed. “Let’s watch a horror movie at your place after this is all done.” The consequence of lying.

She started to tell some titles of horror movies and told me their plots and stories. Wow, she does love horror movies judging from this reaction. And I can’t tell if it’s her love for horror movies or her love for teasing me that makes me want to cry due to fear.

A lot of people were looking at us. Half of the reason is that they are looking at a “couple” new to dating and they probably think it’s cute. The other half is that they’re curious as to why I was shivering like crazy. I couldn’t look at myself but I probably looked pitiful.

Several stories later, I have sweated buckets and was now exhausted due to the horrifying things she told. A few seconds after the last story Lisa told me, a beep came from my phone.

Ah, it’s from Rex.

“Movie’s over. I let them slide a few minutes ahead of me. I’m going home.”

I immediately went back online in our little earpiece walkie-talkie system and began to give advice to Brandon.

“Brandon, did you watch the movie?

He coughed once.

“Try to engage in a conversation with the movie as a topic.” I tapped Lisa’s shoulder. “We’re following them, come on.”

We exited the building while following them in the streets. We had to match their pace because it seems that Giselle’s stride isn’t that long.

“Watch her pace and match it.”

I have been giving some bits and pieces of advice to him every now and then because it seems that he forgets the minor yet important details while walking. I had to repeat some phrases like “Side of the road” and “Give life to the mood.”

He has been making little break downs that cause them to stop from time to time so it was hard for us to follow. But I think it was quite okay that that was happening considering that Giselle is having fun.

“Alright, ask her if she wants to eat something.”

~“Hey, want to grab something to eat?”~

~“Let’s try that stall.”~

Luckily the old man from that stall loves the sight of couple flirting as they roam around in the streets. When I told him about Brandon and Giselle’ date this afternoon, he got excited and showed me some of the greatest orders to have in his stall. He even got out of his way to grab the best ingredients for his food just for them.

Not only that, he even told me about the stalls and stores that people usually go after they eat here. But then, he wouldn’t let me go until I bought something from his stall. That old man really was something.

Watching them eat from afar probably made my companion hungry because her stomach growled like a lion towards its prey.

“Wanna try that stall later? It’s good.”


Lisa, you don’t have to act cute and blush because your face is making me suddenly feel nervous.

Never mind her for now. Focus on your targets.


In events like these, according to a dating sims player, one of them is most likely to leave sauce on their mouths or hands. If Brandon does that, I’ll pray to Lord God that Giselle notices and wipes it off clean. But if it was Giselle then I’d tell Brandon to wipe her face.

“Ah, Giselle come here for a second.”

As soon as she came nearer towards him, Brandon leaned over and wiped the ketchup on her right cheek and licked his fingers.

“There was ketchup on your face.”

Ah, the shade of red coming from Giselle’s face was obvious even from a distance. Good job, Brandon.

“Ah, they look so cute together!”

Lisa says while leaning on my back. I could feel the vibration of her voice coming out her chest from two soft and huge melons. The way her head is literally right next to mine and was sitting on my shoulder made me pick up her fragrance – she smells nice.

“Lisa… people are looking owowowowow please stop I’m already on my knees!”

She immediately backed off and started abusing me from behind.

Ugh, don’t make it sound like you were having ana-

Just stop talking.


This is new. She acts like a kid and only uses one word when she wants to say something. That’s kind of childish but somehow… cute. This word is ridiculously overrated.

“Yes ma’am.” I answered and talked to Brandon. “Nice job back there. Continue on the route I told you to take.”

Brandon and Giselle already left when our little skit was live. I didn’t get to see Giselle’s reaction in the end. I approached the old man’s stall and ordered some food for us. There wasn’t anything happening at all until…

“You do have a girlfriend too.” The old man started to talk. “I didn’t know you have such a gorgeous lover.”

“What might you be talking about?”

“The girl behind you is your lady, right?”

When I turned around, Lisa was there staring at the food and paying no heed to what we were saying.

“She’s really cute.”

“That part is true.”

It seems that Lisa didn’t hear anything from our conversation when I asked her what she wanted from the menu. When she asked both me and the vendor, we both said it was nothing. Good thing this old man can read the mood.

We bid farewell to the guy and went back in keeping an eye on Giselle and Brandon. I couldn’t ask Brandon since he cannot answer so we picked up the pace and tried to hurry towards them at least until they were visible.

Walking down on a lively street on an afternoon after pretty much visiting every shop there is boring. We have already reached that state yet its still 5:43 – too early for them to go to dinner. But what are the possible things that can make them kill more time? I thought that they would take their time but they glided through everything with ease. The only place I can see is an arcade.

“Alright, detour: go to an arcade and kill some time until dinner. I hope you have a lot of money.”

I told Lisa about the change of plans and we both went to the arcade where Brandon and Giselle would playing. Going here in advance can make us look for games that can be fun and at the same time require some teamwork.

We split up and looked for those kinds. There are so many games here and some of which are kind nostalgic like Street fighter. I had a console when I was a kid and finished all of the story lines for every character. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of sad that I only ever played the game alone. I even had a P2 controller if by some miracle I made a friend and came over to play with me. I guess I can actually use this game.

The next one I found was a crane game. Even Brandon doesn’t need any advice from me to be able to understand this one. He will try to get a plushie and give it to her as a gift. I just hope he does land one.

The next one was a two-player first person shooting action game. The plot was that zombies were taking over the country and the two must shoot their way to safety. Since Giselle likes gore then this should do the trick.

I went and looked for Lisa only to find her playing a racing game.

“What happened with gathering information about good games to play for them?”

“Sorry, I forgot.” Are you a kid?

“Brandon,” I started to talk through the walkie-talkie. “Are you here already?”

He coughed once, meaning that he really was here already.

“Alright, here’s a list of what to play:”

I gave him my advice on what to play and how to play them efficiently specially the crane game since it requires a lot of skills and things to consider. I was planning on going somewhere safe to scout them when they found me trying to drag Lisa out of the chair for the game.

This is awkward.

Yup. I mean, the timing is scary awkward too.

“A-Ah, w-what a surprise!”

Lisa’s acting skills were now dropping. Her cheeks were flushed red and she even stuttered on the first part of her sentence. I’m going to scold her next time.

“What?” Giselle replied. “You guys on a date?”

Lisa huffed, then she puffed and made a whimpering sound while trying to hide her already tomato colored face using her hands.

Damn, this doesn’t look good.

Kite them away, Brandon can just follow.

Good idea.

“Aren’t you two up to something else too?” I tried to indirectly tell Brandon to improvise.

“Gah!” Now Giselle’s blushing.

“Yeah. We’re on a date too. Wanna merge?” Brandon was spot on.




We still merged and became a double date in the end.

The list I gave to Brandon a while back was what we followed. The first one was street fighter. It’s kind of cool sitting in this little chair, placing tokens on the edge of the screen and leaning over this large gaming machine. It really gives off a retro look but it still looks awesome.

“This kind of takes me back.” Brandon said. “I used to even bet with Alex using tokens. I always beat his ass on this game.”

It sure is nice to know that Alex has a weakness.

What the fuck are you saying?

“I know what you feel.” I replied.

“Raijin, you–”

“I know and yes I played single-player alone in my house so shut it.”

“I’m very sorry.”

Lisa and Giselle were up first because they were newbies. I had to teach them every single thing from the controls to the combos. When they got the gist of it, they started playing.

“Here is the very first Street fighter tournament! I am your announcer Brandon and we have Raijin as our Commentator.”

“It is a pleasure to be here.”

“What can you tell us about this match?”

“I am expecting–”

“Can you retards shut it?”

Giselle snarled at us. I think Lisa could have also done that but refused to do so since she was in the presence of two teachers. I don’t really consider Brandon as a teacher and Giselle is somewhat the same to Brandon even though we have only officially met today.

My speech back there was cut off but what I was trying to say was that “–both players to be relying on low and heavy attacks” which is actually correct. People who are fresh to fighting games usual do a low kick or a heavy punch and spam them like crazy.

Three rounds ended and it was Giselle who emerged victorious. But for some reason the victory was so underwhelming that I even forgot to clap my hands when the match was over.

And now it was our turn – I lost on purpose.

Though I really wanted to enjoy and win on a multiplayer game, priority of taking care of Brandon’s love life must be number on. I talked to him in-game as well since the girls were living in their own worlds when we were playing. He was having a hard time keeping his face up with his crush being cute. It was a good thing that they took a detour to the arcade. Brandon got to calm down via games.

With that said, Giselle lost by a long shot in the championships.

The next game was the FPS that had zombies in it. Giselle was excited of course so Brandon went and bought a lot of tokens for them to play.

I had a few tokens to spare so I tested it out with Giselle. The machine was quite old and the technology was pretty old too so we had to point our guns almost point blank to the screen. The zombies looked weird too but I guess its fine.

Aren’t you bad at handling horror?

Yeah but this is nothing. Games and movies are somewhat different. And the graphics here suck. Lisa didn’t want to try and play and after the first try I had my fill. It looks like FPS is not my thing.

Giselle was actually pretty good with the game. On the other hand, Brandon sucks. Oh well, as long as they its fun for both of them

Lisa though looked like she wasn’t. She has been staring at Giselle and Brandon for quite some time now.

Maybe she has a fever?

I don’t know. The fact that she doesn’t really talk that much right now is already a sign that something was wrong. I just happen to notice it now.

“Hey we will roam around for now.” I said. Then to Lisa. “Let’s go play something else.”

She nods apathetically. Huh, okay.

Do you have any plan on cheering her up?

I don’t know how though.

I tried to talk to get rid of the heavy atmosphere but it wasn’t really of any help. All she ever does was say “Yeah.” “Right.” “Uhuh.” or she just nods. I even tried grabbing a few things to eat but she just didn’t budge at all. I got discourage to talk and only walked around in silence too. I’m really worried.

When I decided that we should just go back to Giselle and Brandon, we happened to pass by the crane game that usually ends the day in dating sims. Maybe I should just try the last resort.

Lisa went on ahead. She really is thinking about something, she even forgot me while walking. What could possibly be bothering her? I mean Giselle is having fun and so is Brandon: we were clearly making the objective work.

I don’t think that’s the issue. She might not even care about the operation.

What do you mean?

I don’t know. I just know.

Gut feeling?

Something like that.

I went back to the gang as soon as I won a couple of stuffed animals. Before that, I explained something to Brandon.

“Look dude: there are many things that can be done with a lot of people, but there are some things that must be done alone. I respect your love for Giselle but if you think about it, it looks like OUR group is MAKING Giselle fall for you. Try to be able to, at least, get through dinner. Contact me when it’s done.”

I told the two that Lisa wasn’t feeling good. When they asked her, she was caught spacing out. There really is something wrong with her today.

It was already around seven when we were walking under the moon. With the streets livelier than it was a few hours ago, Lisa and I were just walking. We never made a sound that night.

The street lights contesting the faint radiance of the moon, the presence of a lot of vehicles, the voice of the vendor who was talking with his dealer, the faces of the people passing us by: this night was so quiet that I could remember every single detail.

Quiet, yet the city was alive. We were the silence amidst everybody’s everyday lives. The boy and girl walking side by side on that cold night with no exchange of words or glances at the very least – that was what we looked like. If you were to look at us with no context at all you wouldn’t even recognize that something was bothering us.

The walk towards Lisa’s place felt so long that I have thought of so many things. I could have elaborately explained the truth behind the universe using that span of time.

Her apartment was already nearing yet I don’t want this walk to stop for some reason. I want up to keep going even if it meant walking together without ever interacting.

She walks straight for the entrance leaving me behind as I stop in the doorstep. I want to stop her but I can’t. A part of the reason why was due to the aura she emitted as if she closed every opening to her. And the other part was that I was too scared to know what was bugging her so much.

The doors close, leaving me outside.

It looks like you’re fixed now.


You’re back to your old self. What’s wrong?

What do you mean what’s wrong? Everything is wrong!

But you were comfortable like this way before you met her.

That’s true… but –

You don’t like people in the first place. Why talk to them.


Then what is your point?

I have been staring at the entrance, waiting for some miracle to happen. Everybody has always been the ones who tell me to do stuff. If nobody was ever there then I wouldn’t have come out of hiding. I’m just a coward hiding in the shadows.

But what happens when light shines in that dark space where I have confined myself for years? Lisa was the first one to be able to look at me in the eyes and tell me her feelings. She was also the only person whose “ulterior” motive was never clear as day. And she was the first one to reach out to me.

Guess she won’t help me this time. I need to go home then.

I have always been waiting for people to come to me and help me get up. I am such a hypocrite. I have been calling Brandon a coward yet he had the guts to look into the eyes of his fear and made moves on his own. But I have never done anything of my OWN accord.

Lisa was the person who showed me the light. But now the light is slowly fading away together with her. I recently noticed this feeling that she might disappear in any second leaving me alone again.

But why do I feel pain? I have always been walking alone towards a place I’d like to call “home” one day. Even in the little things like going home right now, I have always done them alone. What’s the harm in doing it again? Sleeping in class and staying up all night playing games: this is my daily routine. She was supposed to be a disturbance. Oh wait, no. She really did her job as disturbance. My whole persona as a loner was disturbed.


I run back towards her apartment complex with all my might.

There is no way that I ever want to be alone again. The feeling of having someone guard your back is better than the anxiety of people waiting for the chance to stab you the moment you look at a different direction.

Entering the lobby with haste, I immediately hustled up the stairs towards the room where Lisa was.

I am not a normal person and I will admit that I might never be a normal person. But the fact that I have tasted heaven after being cooped up in hell for so long still remains. And when you come crashing down to hell after a glimpse of paradise, the difference would be obvious and it would hurt.

I bang on the door while yelling “Lisa! Open up”. When I reached for the door knob, it was unlocked so I went in and scanned the room without thinking.

I’ll do it! I’ll be a selfish retard and make a move on my own! You showed me the way how to do it after all. That’s why I don’t want to fall back down in the place where I have been rotting for years. So please, Lisa.


She was standing with nothing no except her panties. By the way she was standing, I inferred that she was changing and was about to put a bra on.

Everything was exposed other than the area that was covered by the black panties. Her delictae pale white skin with a flush of red on her face againts a bold black and elegant underwear was making my chest tighten.

“Nonono wait wait wait. Stop throwing things while I’m getting out through the door! Aaahh!”

Have you ever seen a flying book? Well, I have seen one. There were many things that flew in my directing when I saw Lisa naked.

“What the hell are you thinking?” She yelled in my face as I sat on the floor. “Barging into someone’s room is rude!”

After she changed into her clothes, she began beating the living shit out of me and made me listen to her nagging a short while after.

|Physical and mental torment|


“What’s wrong with showing off a great body? No wait that’s not the point,”

“Even if it wasn’t a point it’s still inappropriate.”

“Why did you leave your door unlocked then? You’re actually lucky that I was the one who broke in.”

“I don’t really mind you… perverted… DON’T MAKE ME SAY THINGS!”


Another punch was given to my face as soon as she started to talk. Why does it have to inolve hitting me when she brought it, whatever it is that bothered her, upon herself.

“So, state your business.”

“I’m gonna stay here tonight owowowow ITHURTS ITHURTS WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU TODAY!?”

She kept on punching me until she was exhausted and red. I, on the other hand, think I’m already dead.

We both calmed ourselves down. And now that we did, I have no idea whatsoever how to bring up the topic now. Holy shit balls.

You we’re so pumped up and determined a few seconds ago. What happened?

I don’t know man. But the atmosphere just changes when she’s already there.

Clearly that doesn’t make any sense.

I’m never to make sense when talking to you.

Somehow you’re pretty hurting today.

“Wait, you’re seriously staying?”

“Yeah. I’m kind of worried what happened when you were feeling so down so I thought I’d cheer you up” yeah, there is no way in fucking hell I’m saying that. I MEAN HOW CAN I DEAL WITH SOMETHING SO MORTIFYING!?

“Well, there’s not much to do at home so…”

“Oh. Okay? So?”

“What do you mean ‘so’”?

“Wait, don’t you just barge in my house like it was nothing? Like last Thursday.”

“I-It’s different.”

“Hoho? What is?”


Her face slowly becomes redder and redder as each moment passes. For some reason, her emotions are as clear as day. Something came over me, probably the heat from my chest or the coldness of my hands, and decided to open the first button of my shirt.

“Do tell me.”

I slowly stand up and walk towards her, trying to make the best out of the “alone time” we had by trying to do the same thing I did when Alex called me for the camera set ups we did at Giselle’s place.


She backs half an inch away as I move closer towards her and at some point she was finally cornered by walls. As soon as she realizes she was trapped, she crouches and makes whimpering sounds as she covers her face.

“Hey now, don’t try to cover your pretty face.”

I gently held her hands and took it off her face, slowly making my way towards it. And just as I was about to do something that I cannot describe right now, her sister suddenly pops out of nowhere.

“Hey sis, I’m going to sleep over at my friend’s – oh hey there Rai.” A second later… “OH SHIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”

Brain lag

Definitely brain lag

Haven’t seen those in a while.

“So: Raijin is sleeping over.”

Kate makes both of us kneel with arms raised sideways and vases on top of our hands.

“That still doesn’t explain why you were leaning over too much, Rai.”

“It looked like I was kiss– “


Clarissa suddenly yells at the tip of her lungs.

“Kiss– “


“Kissing, right?”

I almost lost my consciousness that minute due to the hard pounding of a four hundred thick page textbook of calculus. After that I was forced to sit in the corner and eat my biscuits as the siblings try to work out what to do with the intruder which is me.

I could peek at them talking to each other but I can’t hear what they’re talking about. But it seems that it has something to do with the bed and the floor and Lisa’s face and her… wait: her boobs?

“Can I, like, join the conversa–”

“NO!” 2x

Still in perfect unison as ever.

“You can watch TV here! I’ll talk things out with Kate for a while. And no snooping around.”

Is what she said.

I didn’t hear anything about not snooping around though.

No, I refuse to listen.

You do want to know why she’s so down, right?

But that’s just invasion of private property. And I’ll sound like a pervert which leads into being a criminal.

You have been a criminal due to a few Alex operations, right?

I am not my brain, I am not my brain, I am not my brain, I am not my brain, I am not my brain, I am not my brain – I quickly scan the area for any signs of depression.

There goes your futile resistance.

There weren’t anything to be considered as “evidence” as to what was happening to her right now. But it really is weird that she suddenly changed from good mood to bad mood. It’s like how you were walking in such a bright and sunny road and you reach the end of the fucking path and now it leads to a dark forest of whatever it is.

I went and looked under the couch, at the drawers present in the living room, under the coffee table and even looked under the vase. The last one doesn’t even make any sense. What’s a thing gonna do underneath a vase?

The search was useless so I decided to just hit the couch. For some reason, I felt like I sat on top of paper. I stood up and checked what it was only to find a few magazines. Hey, there’s my butt-print.

Look at the titles.

“How to seduce” “A few ways to make yourself attractive” “How to be get a guy to notice you” I almost triggered myself and threw everything outside the window.


Hey, how should I know?


You should calm down first.


N-no I’mn-nn-not.

Your stuttering proves otherwise.

And by the legends of hornotes, the blue moon and the alignment of all the planets they emerge out of Lisa’s room. OH COME ON, WHAT’S WITH THE TIMING?

I quickly place myself away from the mags and tried to stay quiet as much as possible.

“Alright, I’m heading out then.” Kate picks up the bag pack on top of the coffee table which I didn’t notice until now. “There are contraceptive on top of the refri –”

“I see you’re going now. Alright, take care. You can stay there for a couple of days. Oh, what the heck: stay there for a week. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT ALREADY.”

Lisa pushes her sister away with no gentleness whatsoever. She even bumped her foot on the door as result of her roughness. I could pretty much sense the pain just by looking at her face. Oof.

“Are you okay?”

“No no no, get away from me. I’m not ready.”

She backs away a million miles away from me when I tried to move an inch closer towards her. Wait, she’s not ready for what?

“I’ll just take a shower so wait in the room.”

Huh, Okay.

So I made my way towards her room that, for some reason, was decorated with many things like candles and shit which made the room hot. It was burning so much but I don’t think I can take my shirt off because I’d look like someone who was sniffing panties out.

Ten minutes later, I already took a shower with sweat and she’s still not done yet. Uh, the heat from the what-used-to-be-candles thingies. They already melted so the shape looks funny. In the end, I took my shirt off.

What’s taking her so long? And why do I have to wait in the candle-filled room? And why the fuck are you not saying anything.

Kid, shut up. I’m processing something.

What exactly?

Try to connect the dots, yeah? Contraceptives, candle-lit room, shower for ten whole minutes and the magazines you saw on the couch: you do know what that means.

She thinks I want to engage on se-

“Sorry for the wait.”

You can believe me or not but this is what I saw – nothing but a towel. Yup, she thinks I want to have sex. WAIT, WHY!?

“I-I’m ready.”


Some action. Hihe


It sure is. Before you receive the pleasure, that is.


“I’m really h-happy that you think that I want that stuff but you need to stop and take a breather for a second.”

“If it’s what you want, then I… I’ll do it! It’s just for you, so…”

“No, stop. Wait what are you doing ARGH.”

Her monstrous strength pushed me down on the bed. I got strangled down with my legs being held down by hers and my arms held down by hers as well. Her eyes were locked into mine and my mind is starting to go hazy.

The sweet scent that came from her hair made its way to my nose and stimulated my brain and made me feel the 1% of the pleasure I’m supposed to feel when we do it. But if this 1% is making me go crazy, then the 99% left will definitely kill me!

Headline: Boy dies from immense pleasure.

I don’t even have the strength to mentally talk back to you.

“Now then, Raijin.”

She leans closer and closer as every second passes by. My heart was beating like a bass drum at maximum speed. I don’t even know what to think anymore, my already hot body was starting to burn more and my eyes weren’t seeing her properly.

Ah, I’m fainting.

I wake up to the sight of the dressed (thank the stars) Lisa who was muttering something to herself. I was about to go talk to her when I realized something: I could use this to my advantage. Fortunately, she didn’t hear me wake up so it’s all good.

“The magazines were correct just like what Giselle told me… but why did he faint all of a sudden?”

It was Giselle who gave you those mags? Wait a second, how come she didn’t make any move on Brandon when she had some ideas about… no, that’s not the point. What were you trying to pull off?

“I do hope that he started thinking about me…”

Ah, so that’s what it was all about.

“Or he might just be thinking about my boobs. They are too huge, huh?”

No, I am not. Why do you think that every guy is always looking at huge boobs? Well, not that I have a fetish for flat chests but still!

I pretend that I just woke up and started to scan the room. I saw Lisa flinched from the edge of my eye when I groaned as if I just woke up after drinking way too hard last night.

“Huh.” I said. “Where am I?”

“Oh, you’re awake.”

“What happened? For some reason I can’t remember a fucking thing…”

“You were lying on the floor when I got to my room.”

Wow, her deceiving skills are remarkable.

“I had this dream that you were running away from me. Last night.”


I’d like to answer myself with that as well. What the hell am I saying?

No, keep doing it. You might be able to pull something off. Follow what I tell you.

This is gonna crash and burn anyway. Let’s do it.

“So I thought that you really were avoiding me that’s why I got scared and wanted to sleep here. I have always been thinking of how to hang out with you so that’s why – why are you crying? HUH DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG? WAIT A SECOND, HERE: MY HANDKERCHIEF.”

For some reasons, tears came running down from her red cheeks that were once pale white. She hides her faces with her hands but the sobbing she made was so loud that she gave up and just cried there while she sat facing me.

Do you know the feeling when you suddenly remember that you forgot something precious at a coffee shop? Then you come running towards the shop, passing by and bumping into people as you made haste. And when you got there, you found that thing safe and sound. That’s the feeling I’m having right now.

“A-Aym shorri *Sniff*. Aye *Sniff* toughtt thhath *Sniff” yuu dd-diden’th want tuu *sniff* biegh wibth mi”

“You have so many friends: what’s the point of almost having sex with me just to keep me? It’s kind of ironic.”


“Don’t worry.” I hugged her tightly. Then wiped her tears with my hands. “You’re the very first friend I had. Why should I not want to be with you?”

I couldn’t tell what time it was but it was probably around midnight when her cries were heard so loud. Her weeping wasn’t loud. It’s just that everything else was quiet. I know that. But I get this feeling that everybody stopped breathing just to give me and Lisa some time to clear up the misunderstanding we had even if it was stupid. This was probably the second best thing the world gave to me.

I asked Lisa why she thought that I was gonna be far away from her. She told me that Brenda texted her that I was going to be in immense danger. When she asked how Brenda replied “He’ll be surrounded with people and forget you.” What is that girl saying? How can I be in trouble?

She received the text when it was my turn to play on the retro fighting game just several hours ago. Giselle instantly saw through and asked. Though Lisa pretended that there was nothing wrong, our Calculus teacher was shrewd about other people’s love life and knew anyway.

So she recommended that Lisa should buy some reference materials about “making a guy yours for eternity” – magazines that were about making a guy fall for you. Lisa, then, texted her sister to buy those. Without knowing the context, Kate thought that she genuinely wanted to make love with me so she bought condoms and shit. And the room thing together with the 10-minute shower? She was just following the instructions of one of the many magazines she made Kate buy.

Ah. Even though she was such a brute the first time we met, she was a caring person deep inside. I tucked her to bed after being exhausted of tears after crying over and over again. As for me, I positioned myself close to her since she wakes up every time I try to sleep on the floor.

What a pain, this girl is. Really.

You’re still friends with her though.

It’s a responsibility.

They say friendship is not something that falls under responsibility. It falls under emotions.

I hope not. Because if it were I wouldn’t know which emotion.

I stare blankly at the ceiling. As soon as I blink, morning already came. Lisa, as expected, was still sleeping in so I went to their kitchen and TRIED to cook eggs. I failed a million times and decided to just buy some food outside.

I also made some coffee for us which, when she woke up, were instantly finished. We didn’t do anything but laze around for a while after that, talking about deep stuff like the wonder of this world or about stupid things like why are pigs named “pigs” and who decided it.

After a few hours, I went home and slammed my body unto the bed. Ah, I’m beat. Even my mother, when I got home, made me feel so tired. But there was something weird she said.

“You’ve changed in such a small span of time without me even noticing. I guess my job as a parent will slowly go away as you age.”

I’m not good at understanding things like that and especially now that I’m tired as fuck so I just let it be. What an eventful school life this is. I didn’t know being normal was so fun!

You are abnormal after all.

Even though we’re dead tired you still want to piss me off.

Hey, it’s my job.

Oh shit, I forgot the sick Alex! Oh, who cares.

Playing Cupids

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