Playing Cupids – Chapter 4

Playing Cupids


All of a sudden, Lisa, who was under me, was kissing me passionately in French style. She makes me hands touch her from places she steers me into and every time I caress a part of her she lets out a sweet moan.

“Raijin. I can’t take it anymore.”

She unhooks her bra and takes her panties off.

“Suck it.”

I open my mouth and whole heartedly licked her breasts as she asked for more. Her moan was starting to get louder as well.

“Put it in, Raijin!”

I unleash the beast inside my pants and –


I woke up screaming and immediately sat up.

Holy shit; that was the first lewd dream I had in this life. I never thought that this day would actually come.

In the end you didn’t put it in.

Can you fuck off?

You just fucked dream Lisa. Now me?

Don’t be stupid, that’s gross.

A knock came from my mom downstairs. She was probably worried as to why her son was screaming so early in the morning.

I knocked on the floor once to reply to her that everything was fine. Or at least I think everything was fine.

My head hurts a bit and I was still sleepy. What time did I snooze off? I can’t remember.

Today is Tuesday. Awe shit I need to go to school. Do I have to?

You have to.


So that you don’t fuck up in the future

What a life coach.

I got to school in time. Nothing out of the ordinary I guess.


Chill the fuck down, you’re awake.

How am I supposed to trust you?

I’m only active when your brain is active.

Oh right.

Lisa was early today and something was definitely wrong.

I gaze at her from afar and noticed that she has been in a daze probably for a while now. I wonder why? Is she thinking about something again?

“Stop stalking her.”

A seemingly familiar voice made me jump back a few steps.

“Remember me?”

I do know she’s the class rep. What was it again? It starts with a B…



“Brenda! Hey, why the heck did you do that? You scared the living shit out of me.”

Not only am I amazed that I almost remembered her name, my personality of being anti-social was altering when I lack sleep. That’s quite interesting.

“You were raping Clarissa with your eyes, filthy scum.”

Raping her… the damn dream suddenly popped in my head.

“Shut it, Brendy.”


“I don’t give a shit. Lay off.”

I walked towards my seat and greeted Lisa. But she wasn’t very responsive.

Maybe she was traumatized when the dream Lisa’s consciousness was transferred to the real Lisa.

I want you to shut the fuck up.

Hey, you’re using the word “fuck” too often. Why is that?

“Raijin, not there.”

I hear a soft voice coming from Lisa who had a… is this what you call a pleasure face? And she was blushing.

A pleasure face, you say.

What else can that be?

Nah. I’m just wondering what she might be day dreaming about. Moreover you’re involved so it makes it more interesting.

“What do you mean ‘not there’? Hey class is about to start.”

Lisa flinched when she heard me. As soon as she saw me, she grabbed her book and slapped it across my face.

Now I know what her daydream was all about.

Do tell. I sacrificed my face for it.


I didn’t have time to argue with this idiot so I just tried to talk with Lisa instead.

“Why are you here?”

“Am I supposed to be elsewhere?”

Everybody is now looking at us since Lisa kick started a commotion with the 300 page thick book she used.

She was also starting to question my presence in the classroom so that made them all look at us.

“Oh wait, let me guess: incomplete sleep?”

She nodded. That was pretty obvious.

From the point of view of an all-nighter like me, normies aren’t exactly nocturnal. There is nothing that was probably going to affect her so much other than lack of sleep. But I wonder what prevented her from sleeping.

“Chill. Let’s grab an energy drink later when we get out of school. Try to drink carbonated drinks for now to prevent dozing off in class.”

After the advice, I took my seat like nothing happened.

After school, we dropped by the store we were working for as customers first and grabbed a couple of energy drinks for us.

“You might not be able to keep yourself together since you might be hyper after drinking one whole can. Drink only a half of it.”

Lisa was obeying me politely. Huh, that’s something new.

We took our shifts and before going home, Alex called us on the back room.

“Starting tomorrow, I’ll cut off some time in your shifts. The pay remains the same, so don’t worry.”

I get the feeling this is about Brandon.

“Using that extra time, you’ll be going to the school, which will be opened for us exclusively, and teach Brandon there. I also got one of our batch mates to be his practice partner so don’t worry about Clarissa.”

See, I knew it.

After that brief discussion about Brandon’s almost impossible love life, I walked Lisa home as usual. It was another ordinary day. Or so I thought.

When we reached the apartment, Alex called me. He said that the school had some unexplained confidential problems that will have classes suspended again tomorrow. How can a part-time manager of a convenience store control the school from the shadows? And he already told me about this a while back, what the hell.

Well, more free time for me I guess.

As soon as the call ended, mom called in. That was terrifyingly fast.

“I forgot to leave the key for the door and I’m staying at the office tonight. You probably have some money to sleep in 24-hour internet café right?”

“Alright, yeah I do.”

That was a lie, the money wasn’t enough.

“Okay. Sorry son. Beep –”

I put the phone down and sighed. God damn it! What’s up with these weird coincidences?

Are you sure that they were mere coincidences? I mean your mom can be unpredictable sometimes.

She would’ve just said “Go to Clarissa’s house. But use contraceptives” and shit.

Ah fair point.

“What’s wrong, Raijin?”

Lisa suddenly asks. This is a dilemma: should I tell her of my circumstances or no?

“The house is locked and I have no place to stay for the night.”

“The key to your place?”

“Mom forgot to leave it.”

“Do you have enough money to stay somewhere? Like an internet café.”


Exhausting her options, it looks like Lisa was actually worried about me. She’s thinking deeply about the possible places I can stay for the night. It’s cute that she’s a bit troubled while trying to stay calm.

“Uh, I’m sorry to say but this is the only option.”

Lisa wants to open another option huh. I look at her to be able to catch on her quickly only to find her blushing face.

“Stay at my place tonight.”

I made a face palm that made my forehead hurt so much.

“Ah! Kate’s not going home tonight so don’t worry.”

I smack my head against the street light many times.

“Or are you that defiant to sleep in my apartment?”

I actually am. But since you’re asking with a pair of pitiful eyes you completely destroyed my resolve like a piece of paper.

When we were inside the apartment, I was told to only stay at the living room… or what I think the room where the couch was.

It was already seven so Lisa went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

The only thing that I could do was sit and wait patiently since I couldn’t find the remote of the TV and now I’m too shy to ask for it. I’M WAITING FOR THE HOMEMADE DINNER MADE BY LISA? I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY BUT I AM SERIOUSLY HAPPY AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Woah, get a grip bruv.

Then give me something to do while I wait for her?

Imagine her cooking in a naked apron while singing happily.

Okay, I command you to stop.

I refuse. Then she comes to you empty handed and you ask “where is the food?”


Then she replies with a seductive lip bite “Please eat me up.”

I give up. That would definitely feel like heaven.

I’m starting to wonder if this is what friends are supposed to be acting like.

There’s a third party who interferes so…

After twenty minutes of deciding whether or not I imagine that certain scenario (I did give in and imagined it anyway), she finally called for me to eat.

As I was waiting for whatever she cooked, I went in and saw that she made pasta. Are you for real? Pasta? Isn’t that shit kind of basic?

“I’m sorry. I wanted to impress you with my cooking but this was the only thing we had. I forgot to buy some groceries.”

“Does that mean that anything is okay for you to eat when you’re alone?”

I tease her as I sat down.

“How rude!”

“You’re not trying to deny it. Does that mean I’m correct?”

“S-shut up and eat your food!”

There we were, casually eating pasta and talking about completely random things. The topics were so broad that for some time it went to drink preferences. Huh, I wonder how it got there too.

After we ate, Lisa was about to do the dishes when I stopped her.

“Hey. Let me do the dishes.”

For some reason she had this what-are-you-talking-about face pointed at me.

“I can do house chores too you know.”

“No, it’s okay. You’re the guest after all.”

As she began to take the dirty plates away, I grab her shoulder and steal the dishes.


“Come on. You cook and I’ll do the dishes. Cool?”


“I like it that way.”

I smiled at her, making her give in and nod yes.

“Don’t break any plates. Kate’s gonna kill me.”

“Roger that.”

I did the dishes while Lisa opened the TV and started to watch a horror movie.

Are you fine with horror movies?

I’m fine with gore, blood, violence and horror movies. But I hate jump scares.

I wonder if Lisa can handle it.

It’ll be hilarious if she couldn’t

I finished and went straight to the living room. Lisa was watching intensely so I sat beside her and watched as well.

It looks like we were in the climax where the spirits start to be really violent and kill people. I kind of get how mainstream horror movies work.

The introduction includes the ghosts or spirits scaring the people away. When it reaches the middle of the movie, it starts to get physical or mental or both. In the end, the main character leaves with the sacrifice of one of the side characters.

And this movie is an exact example of that. Ugh, that scene was so predictable too. What the heck.

“Hey this movie is a bust. Change channels.”

Lisa didn’t speak a word.

“Come on. Change it.”

I looked at her to grab the remote from her if she didn’t want to change the channel. But it looks like she was shivering from fear.

“Are you okay?”

She flinches and lets out a mini-shriek.

“Huh? T-th-this is nn-nn-nothing!”

Oh no, this is going to be too awesome.

Please don’t do anything stupid.

Sorry. But whenever I see a troubled person my stupidity reaches its pinnacle.

What is wrong with you?

Everything including you.

I took my left hand and snuck it on her left shoulder and tapped it.

“Eek! What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Oh nothing…”

She continues to watch the movie.

You’re an asshole.

I did the same thing again and this time she lets out a loud scream.

“Okay, okay. Something is definitely up. Don’t scare me Raijin!”

“What are you saying? Scare you? I was watching the movie. Wait you look pale. Are you okay?”

She started panicking and looked at her left shoulder and me continuously. She was so tensed up that she didn’t notice my arm reaching for again.

As soon as I made contact, she pounced at me, knocking me over.

I was completely under her. She was heavy what the hell! But that’s not all. Her boobs were touching my stomach part.

Soft, aren’t they?

Yes they are.

You’re tempted to jerk it off, aren’t you?


She had her head planted on my chest as she cried. Her tears were starting to get on my shirt and making it damp.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Please sleep with me in my room tonight.”


She looks up and faces me with a red but scared face. Woah, why do I have this feeling that I should protect her?

“Please Raijin. It is embarrassing but I’m really scared.”

I sighed and gave in.

“What can I do when you use that trump card against me…”

I whispered, making sure that it wasn’t loud enough for her to hear.

“Alright, get up. I’ll accompany you so brush your teeth.”

We went to the bathroom and kept her company while she was brushing her teeth. She didn’t let go of my hand and was holding mine tightly.

When we went to her room, she set up the night light without letting go of my hand still. She’s really scared; I can feel her hand trembling.

As we lay down on her bed, her scent engulfed us like flames eating a piece of wood. The smell was stronger here than that of my room and my body started pounding hard on my chest.



“Can I hug your arm when we sleep?”

I wanted to refuse due to the fact that it will create dangerous feelings but I nodded yes instead. Kate, please come home tonight.

She let go of my hand for a second when I went and turned the lights off. After that, I went back to the bed as soon as possible.

I was on the right side of the cramped bed so she hugged my right arm, sandwiching my arm in her boobs. I can feel her breath making its way to my neck that sends a mild tingle.

“I’m so sorry. Please bear with it.”

As she apologized, the warmth of her breath made its way to my face that stimulated me so much that I had to fight it back intensely.

“Don’t worry. I’ll stay here until morning comes.”

She smiles from the bottom of her heart that touched mine just before closing her eyes.

With my arm in between her breasts, I could feel her heart beating fast. Why am I accumulating these stupid feelings when she’s this scared? I’m starting to feel bad about it, damn it!

I looked at her and her face showed how terrified she was. I couldn’t bear it and kissed her on the forehead and whispered

“Goodnight. Sweet dreams.”

As I face the ceiling again, her chest was starting to subside and went back to its normal pace. I, on the other hand, was letting my consciousness slip from my grasp as I fall into slumber.

No, that’s not it. Her boobs are too soft that I can’t fucking sleep.

It has already been about two hours since Lisa fell asleep and I haven’t slept a wink. Every time I try to sleep, my sense of touch sharpens and the way her breasts caressed my arm was keeping me awake.

I want to sleep.

But you also want to fondle those boobs.

Yes. I must admit it. But I cannot.

Lisa wakes up all of a sudden so I had to pretend I was asleep. She left the bed without even worrying about anything. It looks like she got rid of her fear.

Just as she was about to leave the room, something metal crashed against something metal outside. The scaredy cat pounced towards me, grabbing my collar and shaking my head.


“I’m alive, I’m alive. Stop shaking me!”

After calming down, Lisa explained the situation: she needed to go to the comfort room. Oh shit.

“Um. Please hold my hand. I can’t hold it in anymore.”

I wanted to retort a lot of things so bad but I can only nod yes and just do it.

Admit it: you want to hear the sound of her piss.

Maybe I should get rid of you; permanently.

I accompanied her to the bathroom while holding her hand. I don’t know if it’s my sweat or hers but there’s something in our hands and it’s probably the infusion of both of our sweat.

“Should I come in too?”

Teasing her a little bit made me lose my nervousness for a while. Though I’d like to lose it for a long time, I don’t have all the time.

“Just wait here, okay?”

She enters the comfort room and closes the door.

What, you want to peek in right?

Fuck off man. You’re the one who is thinking like a total creepazoid so can it.

I am thinking like a healthy young man.

That’s supposed to be a pervy young man but… okay whatever.



She calls me from inside the CR.

“You’re still there right?”

“Yup. Finish your business.”

I don’t actually blame her for making sure if I was still here. I’m not the most angelic person to seriously stay and not make fun of someone. But right now, I suppress my stupid thoughts. I don’t want to make fun of such a cute creature. Not now at least.


“You really want me to come in?”

“Ah! Okay, okay stay there. And like, um, sing a song…?”

Hey, my voice is like a crackling window that is being bombarded by strong winds. Why do you want me to sing? And I don’t know how to sing.

“Hey, how come you’re taking your time when you’re just peeing?”

“I’m not peeing…”

Oh. You should’ve said so…

“So please sing a song. Even if your voice sucks, as long as you sing.”

“I don’t really know any songs that you like.”

“Anything is fine. Just sing…”

You’ve got to be shitting me.

This is what happens in RomComs you know.

Please don’t bring it up now.

They always end up like this. Let me list a few examples:

Hey, stop ignoring me and listen.

When someone opens the door and the other is changing, when someone is sick and then the other nurses him back to health

I’m just gonna stop trying and ignore you.

“I’ll just talk. Is that cool?”


We chatted for several minutes while she was inside. I couldn’t bring up an interesting topic so I bought my childhood.

I don’t think it’s interesting too though.

Hey I thought you were still listing those stupid flags?

I talked about how I spent my birthdays as a kid and alone with my mom. Rather than taking pity on me, she was laughing and teasing how lonely I was. I got kind of annoyed since she was the only person who knows this except for my mom.

I also talked about how mom used to sneak in some presents under the Christmas tree. She said it was normal for parents to do that but I told her that it wasn’t normal for your mom to dress up as Santa and laugh your buttocks out when requested.

She finally comes out of the comfort room.

“Hey bruv.”

“Hold my hand.”

Not that I was thinking about anything strange, but I don’t think it was her fear that made her want to hold my hand. Because when you look at her face, she was smiling brightly that you wouldn’t believe she was scared of a corny horror movie.

Naturally, any guy who would get the opportunity to hold a beauty’s hand without any third party feelings or people interfering whatsoever will get embarrassed. She’s taking the lead as well so it was hard.

But in the end, I did hold her hand on our way back to her room. When we got back to the bed, she happily clung on my right arm again. I can already tell that my face is red. It’s hot as well.

“Hey, I thought that you were only clinging onto me because you’re scared?”

She flinches.

“Y-y-yyeah, I’m sc-scared shishi-shitless.”

Huh, now that’s more like it. But damn it, her tits are really starting to turn me on again.

“Goodnight, Raijin.”

She whispers in my ear and uses my arm as a pillow.

For some reason, rather than being embarrassed and my sword standing up I felt a really nice string of unidentified emotion that started to flow throughout my body. It sends a shiver down my spine but it somehow feels okay.

Something came over me and told me to kiss her forehead. As someone who has lost his mind for a couple of hours now, I couldn’t help it and just did what I was told.

As my lips touched her forehead, I also whispered back.

“Sweet dreams, Lisa.”

That was when my consciousness finally slips away from my grasp and wanders in the dream plane.

I woke up gasping and was in covered in cold sweat. My body was shaking and my mind wasn’t functioning properly. It was a horrible nightmare.

Don’t call the first dream about your father a fucking nightmare

If I dreamt about him and woke up like this should I have considered it a nice dream then?

That’s a given. You never saw him so your body rejects seeing his face.

But who would’ve thought that I would dream of him?

Do you even remember your dream?

I don’t. But I think it was just plain bullshit anyway. The only thing I remembered was that I chased him and he suddenly vanished.

I’d like you to fix your brain.

I don’t like you either, don’t worry.

I found myself lying on the bed and alone. Before I even began wondering where Lisa was, I could hear something being fried. Preparing breakfast I see.

I decided to stay in bed for a while and grab my phone that was sitting on the floor. I texted mom that I was at Lisa’s and that I was going to eat breakfast before going home.

She replied the longest text in the history of SMS.


My mother is keeping up with the modern idiocy.

I checked the time before tossing my phone back to the floor: it was already 9. That was probably the longest sleep I had considering that it was around 11 or 12 that I began sleeping.

Just what could that dream possibly mean? And how did my dream perceive my dad’s face when I haven’t seen him at all?

I close my eyes, trying to imagine what my father looked like in my dream.

Lisa comes in and makes not a sound, sneaking her way towards the bed. Huh, what are you doing, Lisa?

I let her be, keeping my eyes close, my breathing paced and my body still. She lies down beside me. Then she whispers in my ear.

“Breakfast is ready, Raijin.”

As soon as I felt a warm gush of air going towards my ear, my body moves quickly and I fall down the bed.

I groan in pain, making it look like I just woke up.


I try to look like I just woke up, making my voice a little rusty and my eyes half open.


“Oh. Pasta?”

“No! Eggs!”

“Right right.”

I stood up and followed Lisa to the kitchen and ate breakfast.

As we faced each other in the table, I noticed that her hair was a bit of a mess. I stare at it for a while, thinking that this defenseless girl used to be a brute and kicked my ass every now and then. Oh wait, she still does.

“What? You creep, stop staring at me.”

Lisa suddenly talks, blushing slightly. Oops, looks like she noticed.

“I can’t help but stare: I have a fetish with morning looks and you have a good one.”

She stood up and smacked me in the face before moving on to her food. Yup, she is still a brute who kicks my ass every now and then.

Wait, is that fetish true?

Sort of.

What the hell. And you call me being a pedophilia weird.

If only it was legal, I wouldn’t call it weird.

I am you so my fetishes are yours.

There’s a pervert stuck in my mind. Kill me now.

You’ll die with me.

That’s actually better than living with you.

Alex calls me right after I finished eating. Talk about the timing of this guy, its perfect rather it’s too perfect.



“We’re gonna stalk a girl. Don’t tell Clarissa.”

The table shook as I stood up. The chair fell down due to the force applied by the back of my knees as I stood.

The plates clanked and collided with each other, spilling some food all over the table and some on the floor.


Lisa was probably surprised. I couldn’t tell because I was too busy focusing on my phone.

“School. 10 A.M. and don’t be late. Beep –”

The beeping sound continued ringing from my phone. Why the fuck does he want to go stalk a girl? And that girl is his friend’s crush!

I grabbed my phone back inside the room and quickly went for the exit. Lisa, who was confused, kept saying my name and other things but I have ignored it.

Just before I could reach the handle of the door, she stops me by obstructing the path.

“Tell me what you need to do before I kick your ass until you say it.”

Hey, will you tell her?

What do you think? Why am I involved in this shit?

Why are you still obliged to be a stalker together with Alex?

I don’t really know.

See that? Fuck you!

No, it’s not because I’m stupid. The guy is Alex. He definitely has a reason. It’s impossible for him to do crimes without any reason.

I bet it’s to satisfy his lustful desires.

You’re really not helping me right now.

Her eyes were locked on mine. I could that she was blazing mad at me. Wait, why is she mad at me?

“Why are you so mad at me? I’m just gonna go home.”


“You didn’t even answer my question” was what I wanted to retort but seeing her being serious made me flinch. This is not the seriousness that I can overcome. It’s like on a whole new level of anger.

“Don’t get mad, okay?”

“I won’t get mad. Trust me.”

“Are you sure?”

She loosens her body up and the tense atmosphere was starting to dissolve.

“Just tell me, okay?”

She smiles at me, convincing me to tell her what exactly what I heard from Alex. A few moments later, the tense atmosphere transformed into a killing intent. Hey, what happened to the “I won’t get mad”?

“What the heck, Raijin! Are you really going to stalk a girl?”

“Surely he has a –”

“I don’t want to hear it! That is a crime! Do you have any idea how great the punishment of stalking is nowadays?”

“A great punishment for a petty crime?”

“I told you to shut the fuck up!”

I was now sitting in the floor whilst Lisa was walking back and forth, talking about how bad the act of stalking is. She even listed a few examples.

“With that, you will not go!”

“But –”

“No buts!”

So, how are we going to get out of here?

Not the slightest idea. Can you run the things that make Lisa’s thinking disturbed?

Let’s see: horror movies, the darkness.

Something I can use.

Immense physical contact.


No wait. Rather than immense physical contact, try to beg her while semi-seducing her.

I can’t even understand your instructions.

I’ll guide you through. Just do as I say.

My whole life is riding on this plan. She might kill me if I make the wrong move.

Yeah yeah, just do it.

As the imaginary narrator instructed me, I moved accordingly. I stood up and came closer towards Lisa.

She suddenly froze up. I used this chance to caress her right cheek whilst saying the exact words imaginary narrator was saying.

“Please let me go. I’ll do anything.”


Seeing the flustered Lisa right before my eyes, I suppressed my embarrassment and went with the plan.

“Anything you can possibly think of. Even the thing you’re thinking about now.”

I winked at her per instruction of the narrator. The redness that started from her cheeks spread throughout her face.

She mumbling and fumbling. Several seconds later, she gave up on her language skill and just nodded yes.

Okay, it’s going smoothly. Now kiss her neck.

That’s going way too far.

Actually, it’s too mild… try to bite her neck using not your teeth but your lips.

What the heck! Hey, are you sure about this?

Yup. And don’t apply too much force, make that bite seductive.

I think I’m gonna lose my first friend sooner or later.

I did as I was told, reaching for her neck and was in the middle of attempting to bite her when I suddenly changed my decision. Instead of a nibble, I licked her neck upwards. It looks like it sent a shiver down her body as she let out a soft moan.

“Thanks, Lisa.”

I whispered before making my way out of the room and finally out of the building.

That was so stupid.

You did great. I guess that stupid adult sex movie you watched finally paid off.

I can barely remember the title. Unfortunately, the scene before the girl gave in and had sex with him was the only thing that retained in my brain.

Actually, you’re rather fortunate that I remember that scene well.

As soon as I reached my house, I went straight to my room. I didn’t bother checking mom since she was probably busy right now. Every time she comes home from the office after staying the night there, she would always end up with a butt load of paper work.

I had no idea what came over Alex but I trust his decisions. Well, hopefully he’s not as stupid as a certain figment of imagination.

I grabbed a change of clothes and took them to the shower. After the bath, I changed my clothes and oh wow these were the same clothes I used last Sunday. It looks like I unconsciously picked these.

I went back downstairs and knocked four times on my mom’s room. “I’m going out.”

She knocked once as a reply. “Okay.” A few moments later, she knocked six times. “Money on top of fridge.” Oh, lucky me.

I took the money and went out of the house, locking the door behind me. I checked my phone and the time was 9:47 in the morning. It looks like I’ll make it on time.

When I reached the school, Alex was there sitting near the gate.

“You’re here early.”

Alex greets me right after I said that.

“Are we going to wait for someone? Brandon?”

“It’s just us today.”

I’m getting the feeling that he’s going pull some strings sooner or later.

“I didn’t expect you to be early though. Want some juice?”

He offered me a box of juice as he tried to kill some time before… before what exactly?

“I’ll pass on that one. So, what are we still waiting for?”

“The information.”

He chugs on the juice box.

“Information… wait, who are we going to stalk again?”

“Oh yeah, I haven’t told you.”

He stood up, looking at the distance. The informant or whoever is probably over there.

“It’s Giselle.”

I turned around to look at where Alex was looking at. There was a guy wearing denims and a black T-Shirt that says “Anata ni fakku”. I wonder what that means.

“It’s been a while, Alex.”

“I already gave you what you want. Hand it over.”

The dude gave Alex a flash drive. He then whispered something in Alex’ ears and they both laugh as they part ways. I wonder what’s happening right now.

When the mysterious person was out of our vision, Alex turned to me and said,

“Alright, we’re going to my place. Come with me.”

“No way, your mom, who’s probably your only ally, will kill me if she found out we’re stalking a lady.”

His face turned sour after that. Oops. Landmine?

“She’ll never find out anyway.”

“No, why did you only correct that part of your sentence?”

We started walking on the direction of where the convenience store was. After we passed it, we continued to walk again until we reached a really nice mansion.

“Hey Alex.”

I asked, astonished on how grand his house is.

“Why are you working as a part-timer when you’re filthy rich?”

“Long-story short: they didn’t give me any part of their fortune. Not a damn bit.”

A female worker appeared and opened the gates for us. It looks like she’s a maid judging from her frilly clothes.

We went inside of the house and went straight to his brother’s room. Why are we here?”

“Hey, can I borrow your laptop?”

Alex asked while knocking on the door.

The door creaked open and a laptop with its charger was being held out by a hand. Then a voice that belongs to a twelve year old said,

“Return it in an hour or so.”

Alex took it and we left.

As we made our way through the house, I couldn’t help but be fascinated. There were maids wandering everywhere, portraits of whoever the fuck scattered all over the place, there were even mini sculptures of what looks like the Excalibur still on the rock way before King Arthur pulled it out.

We finally reached backdoor after a few minutes of walking. The garden was beautiful as well, akin to a small forest. Dude, how rich are his parents? And what did he mean when he said he didn’t receive any of their fortune?

For another few minutes, we walked through the garden. Following a stone brick path outlined by white concrete. There were trees, plants and flowers that were scattered in an organized mess.

What the fuck. What do you mean “organized mess”?

I meant how random they were placed but not to the point where it would destroy the beauty of it.

We finally reach… a tiny shed?

By the looks of things, it’s a bit run-down. With all the bottles of beer scattered around the door of the shed, you can definitely tell that there was someone living here. There were even traces of cigarettes.

Alex goes inside, saying,

“Welcome to my humble home.”

The hell.

Sitting on the floor and facing Alex who was tapping on a laptop placed on top of a tiny coffee table – this is awkward.

I have always thought that he wasn’t that rich. But I didn’t believe he was poor to this extent. That alone was already bothering me, but including his family’s fortune not being given to him is just unbearable. I wonder if his parents are actually retards…

“Alright. Raijin, these bits of information are details about Lisa’s apartment. It’s actually quite far from here but I guess we can just walk.”

I did listen to him but my eyes were elsewhere, scanning the area.

The place didn’t have much furniture. There was only this coffee table, a small bed enough for a person and a small fridge fitting about three days worth of stuff.

On one side, there was a small curtain that was probably leading to the bathroom. I can recognize a shower head and a toilet from the vague transparency of the shower curtains.

“And don’t bother about why my circumstances are like this. It’s how life is, kid.”

He pauses and lets off a deep sigh as he forces a smile. He then continued to tap on the laptop. Dude…

“Life sure sucks. It makes me want to stay young forever.”

He was laughing about how stupid his circumstances were. I can’t believe this.

But what can you possibly do? Force his parents to let him in their mansion?

There is nothing you can do about him. It’s just how it is. This is not a comic book, this is reality. Determination alone will never be enough for anybody to survive in this unfair world.

I hate to admit it, but you’re right.

“Let’s move out then.”

He stands up, carrying his brother’s laptop on his left arm, and exits the place with me following him.

I went on ahead of him and out through the gate. He went to return to his brother’s room and he said he had some other business to take care of so he’ll take a while.

I stood near the gate as I waited for Alex when I noticed a girl was waving at me from the distance.

I started focusing on the girl. When her face was visible, I realized that it was



“Brenda! What do you want?”

“I just came to say hi, no need to be stingy.”

For some reason, the class rep was starting to be everywhere. I know it’s just coincidence but there’s this feeling that I can’t just brush off.

“Who knew that you were filthy rich?”

She gazed at the mansion as she walked over to where I was.

“Everybody. Except that rich part.”

I’m starting to think that I just don’t like her face.

Yup, that’s probably it.

What, you don’t like her face either?

I guess?

She looks past the gates and spots someone. I guess that’s Alex. I wonder why Brenda doesn’t want to be seen by Alex.

“Well, see you I guess. Oh and good luck with the future.”

“The hell?”

She left without an explanation.

Alex emerged from the gates with a bag right after she left. Yup, she did see her. If she didn’t then her timing wouldn’t be this perfect.

What were her intentions though? I’m starting to doubt the “I just don’t like her” reason. There really is something going on. And it feels really frustrating that you can’t figure out what. Her mask is concealing her well.

“What’s over there? You’ve been staring for a while.”

“Y-yeah, it was nothing.”

“Let’s go then. This way.”

I felt fear for the first time after knowing a tiny piece of the intentions of a person. What is she hiding? It reeks of the something-will-fall vibe.

After walking for approximately ten minutes, we were now in position in the bushes and we have visual on the apartments. Operation Sneaky Peaky is a go.

“Alex, your naming sense is stupid.”

“Shut up and let’s infiltrate already.”

It was on a Wednesday. Normally, Giselle would be out to go to school but school was canceled for today so she had nothing to do. We needed to lure her out of her room before we can go in – Phase one.

Phase one has already been implemented by Alex before we started the operation. He sent a text message to Giselle to tell her to come to school because her classes were about to start. He used the name “Mr. Lex”.

He used my Geography teacher’s name.

Phase two – infiltration.

This is supposed to be easy if her apartment were separated from other people’s apartment by a thick wall. But the walls in this one were thin so our movements can be noticed by other people

The apartment only had four residents Giselle included. The apartment had two stories so two on the ground floor and two on the second.

Her place was located at the second floor, left side if you were facing the back of the building. The information given to us by… who was he again? Anyway, the information also had the details of other residents.

According to it, the 2nd floor right side resident is currently out which allows our movement to be quicker and less careful. However the resident below here is present. We needed not to worry about the fourth guy since he’s not included in the battle grounds.

We begin our approach in front. We ascended in the metal staircase that connected the ground floor to the second floor and positioned ourselves ready to breach in the room. Giselle already went out a few minutes ago. With the travel distance from her to the school, we only had little time.

“Alright, I’m in.”

A beep sound indicated that the door was unlocked.

“Hey how did you know her pass code?”

“She always uses her birth year.”

Do we even need to do this? It looks like you already know a lot.

Opening the door and turning to the right, the door for the bathroom was there. Alex checked and placed a voice recorder in as I went in deeper into the living room.

We were now in Phase three – camera and voice recorder placements.

The place was quite compact. The kitchen, the bed and the living room were so close to each other.

I searched for unnoticeable camera placements and found one on the corner of the kitchen, on right under the TV stand and one on the dining table but this one was only for a voice recorder.

When Alex emerged from the bathroom, I told him about the positions and he carefully concealed the cameras.

With all of this done it was time to go out.

I took the lead to prevent being caught. The reason behind this is that when Alex comes out of the door, his backpack on his back, a hoodie and jeans, basically his robber costume, will get him in deep trouble.

“Coast is clear. Move.”

We exited the apartment, locking Giselle’s room and moved out of the building without being noticed.

As we returned to the bushes, I immediately asked Alex a question.

“Where did you get those cameras?”

“They’re customized by me.”

I look at him with doubt. But he was looking at me in a manner that customizing cameras were a perfectly normal thing people do nowadays. He even raised both of his eyebrows, saying “What?”

“Of course I’m not buying it.”

“The cameras aside, our mission for today is done”

“Explain the whole plan first.”

He opens his bag and pulls out the laptop he used back in his place and began explaining.

According to his point of view, Brandon will definitely leave an impression on Giselle on the date that was set a month before the reunion. I actually doubt this part of the plan but I couldn’t retort when he was explaining everything.

Girls, according to him, like to gossip about surprising events such as Brandon having the balls to ask Giselle on a date. We will use that in our advantage and get Giselle to gossip her feelings out so we could get a step ahead of her.

It seems that Alex modified the voice recorders to eavesdrop on a phone conversation which was the most likely the most used way of gossiping. Wait, this is slowly becoming a major crime.

“Wait, wait, wait hold up. We need someone we know to talk to her right?”

“Not necessarily.”

The only thing that we needed was for her peers or acquaintances to talk to her via phone. It doesn’t matter who it is because girls are said to be one of the most dangerous heavy machine guns in the history of mankind. It even dates back to the pre-historic era of the earth!

“But this rides on whether Brandon does leave an impression. I was so worried that I even had him start talking to Giselle more aggressively about dating.”

And you call yourself his friend?

I think you should refer to him as Brandon’s doting mom.

This was to be an ongoing process until the day of the reunion.

“I’ll communicate to you about how we should deal with the various things that Giselle would be saying. I bet you could read between the lines.”

“Alright, cool.”

We parted ways in front of the apartment. He had to go somewhere else so he went on a different direction. As for me, I went home.

This day pretty much ended since I am now on my way home. Well, that was what I thought.

When I get home, I saw the door open. I went straight to the kitchen to eat some lunch when I saw mom and Lisa chatting in the table.’

I paused for a moment. It looks like trouble so I tried to sneak away when Lisa saw me.


We were stared at each other for a while. Oh wow, this is awkward.

“Raijin, I heard from Clarissa.”

Wait, what did you do?

Nothing. I think.

My mom was looking at me seriously and asked me with a very deep voice. This mode of my mother can only be activated in special cases. By special cases, I meant super fucked up moments made by me.

For example, that time when I made the kid next door cry so much that his whole family had to move away. Mom already got close to the parents but I just had to scare their kid to death. She made me reflect on that by pretending I’m invisible for a whole month. I was nine back then.

Another one would be when I was five. Mom told me not to play indoors with my new toy plane. I did anyway and broke plates and bowls that were in the table. She never bought me plane toys again.

Ah come on, what is it this time?

“That you seduced her so that you could escape her grasp.”

“I did no such thing!”

My voice came out instantly to deny my sins or so I thought. Well, at least it wasn’t a sin that would punish me badly. Or is it?

“L-liar! You even licked my neck.”

Lisa, who was still sitting on her chair with blushed cheeks, gave more evidence to my mother. Pipe the fuck down.

“Mom, I can explain.”

I approach mom who was sitting still. I couldn’t read her because my brain is a mess right now. But even without my reading, she wore an invisible miasma of anger that was starting to choke me.

When I took a closer look at her face, it looked like she was sobbing. Uh, what?

“M-my little boy is growing up so fast.”

Oh right, my mom is not normal. I forgot that for a while.

She suddenly stood up and went straight towards Lisa who has been confused and kept saying “eh?” all the while.

“So tell me: was it a quickie or was it a long passionate good time? Will I be expecting a grandchild? I’ll bet if it’s a girl she’s going to be as gorgeous as you!”

I have become so used to how annoying my mother is yet Lisa is still being driven to a corner. She kept bombarding Lisa questions about random stuff like “how hot was his tongue?” and crap.

For half an hour, we were kept company by mom. It looks like Lisa was exhausted from that thirty-minute Mrs. Ayasaki show. The host had to go out for her job and will be back tomorrow. Damn, she’s sleeping in her office again?

“Hey, have you eaten lunch?”

Judging from her eyes and her movements, Lisa was probably drowsy. After all, when you get tired after eating a heavy lunch you start feeling sleepy.

How did you even know that she had a heavy lunch?

I don’t think I need to explain that, do I?

Oh, right. My bad.

She nods effortlessly. Yup, she really is sleepy. She yawns and placed her head on top of the table ready to sleep while using her arms as pillows.

“You’ll break your glasses. Sleep in my room, come on.”

We walked upstairs to my room. At least I walked upstairs. She looked like a zombie dragging her almost lifeless body with her eyes half-open.

I guided her towards my room and gently made her lie down on my bed.

The smile that showed on her face was due to comfort from my bed. Cu… what was that word again? I keep forgetting. Well, not that it matters anyway.

Since she was comfortable in my bed, I went back downstairs to grab some cup noodles and just eat it in my room. After preparing the noodles, I came back to my room and opened my PC.

I opened my browser and as everything was booting, I took a slurp on my noodles when Alex had a message for me.

It says:

“The cameras and the voice recorder seem to be working. But with a lot of footage and audio files to watch and listen to, I cannot handle it alone. So I’ll give you the cameras that view the bed and the kitchen together with the dining table’s voice recorder.”

That’s a given. It’s not like Alex has God’s eye.

There’s more:

“It seems that there was a conversation that the recorders picked up a while back. Her mom is actually worried about her since she hasn’t made a single boyfriend in her entire life. That’s the only interesting thing so far.”

I’m starting to wonder if Giselle had so much stuff to do when she was a high schooler that she forgot to get a lover. If seventeen-year old Giselle saw this future, she’d definitely notice Brandon or at the very least think of getting a boyfriend.

Giselle might be starting to panic and will look for a boyfriend sooner or later.

She already panicked in your class when you met her for the first time.

Oh right, so that phase was now over with. That aside, she’ll never consider Brandon as a boyfriend candidate. He’s a coward after all. If Giselle doesn’t look at him as a man then she’ll think outside the box, forgetting about the one who was right under her nose. The chances of success were starting to get slimmer.

You’re saying that we should get Brandon to do some hands-on training with his target?

Exactly. But not the “hands-on” that you were thinking about, you perverted little shit.

I replied to Alex and explained my thoughts to him. It seems that he had the same idea as well since his doubt only grew.

We have set a new plan: it was to get Brandon invite Giselle to movies. Movie theaters are where the emotions start building up. There in that dark room, something might happen. But considering our guy, I asked Rex to meet me tomorrow after school together with the requested ear piece and walkie-talkie

With the requested equipment, we can guide through the whole practice date. We were planning to this anyway but it seems that we needed it earlier than expected. Or should I say that we didn’t look read the situation clearer.

With that mistake, I took another step ahead. In the route plan Alex was trying to design, I had him insert the “can I get your number” scene. I didn’t even have to ask him if Brandon had her number.

It feels like we were babysitting an old disgusting timid baby.

The noodles made me sleepy in no time as well. Huh, this is the first time I felt sleepy when it’s still noon. I’m probably tired because I have been thinking about many things like Brandon and shit.

I let out a long yawn, leaving some tears, or whatever, on my left eye. I rub it out and staggered towards my bed. The only thing that was in my head right now was to find somewhere comfortable to sleep on. I didn’t like the gaming chair because I wanted to stretch my legs out.

I lied down on the soft and comfortable cloud nine. The softness of the cushion was desperately trying to put me to sleep but my fatigue got the better out of me.

I was stuck on the part where Brandon goes to the movies with Giselle. She has known him for so long that he might have been stuck on that “friend only” label.

If we were to show off the good sides of Brandon that can infuse with Giselle’s personality, the chances of taking that label down would be 70% or higher. Brandon looks like the kind of man who doesn’t showcase his talents, this is a great opportunity.

If we were to that before the movie date, the chances of this plan succeeding would dramatically increase. Chances are, we might even get reads from the recorders that were set on her apartment.

The question was how. Art is no good. Giselle doesn’t like boring shit. Music is not a good move either. Brandon isn’t the most musically inclined person. A way to show off…

Isn’t he a literature teacher?

Yup. He reads this poem he made the night before we start our classes.

There’s your answer.

Oh, nice thinking, me!

Hey, I was the one who thought it up. Compliment me you narcissist. Heeey, HEEEEY~!

Don’t mind the small details.

If he were to write poems though, she wouldn’t appreciate them I think. Judging from how she reads textbooks during class and takes everything literally, I don’t think metaphors that are rhymed together are of any good, even if they were gracefully weaved together.

I’ll try to propose to Brandon an idea about writing her letters. He can probably use some figures of speech but they might need explaining. Let’s say for example you compliment her as a flower on a spring day. Why is she like a flower? Delicacy. Oh wait, is she even delicate?

But letters are kind of out of date, no?

It is. But there is no other way. I am trying to think about alternatives but nothing comes to mind.

With that, my body and mind was now too tired that even the sleep preventing fatigue is being overwhelmed.

With that, I embrace the void.

For some reason, the void was actually kind of soft. I didn’t realize that I was literally hugging the darkness, heck I didn’t even know darkness had a physical form at all! And it was soft, and there were softer parts.

A nice smell has been lingering around for a while now. I don’t know how long, but they do say that time in the dream world is faster than the real world so I’m guessing two hours in the real world.

Hmm, this fragrance is quite familiar. It seems that I was attached it like a child to a doll with sentimental value.

The stimulus was so strong; too strong that I woke up.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing that it could make out was the color red. As my retinas begin to adapt to the light after being in total darkness for a long while now, I notice the color of skin was the background of that color of red a while back.

When my vision was finally clear, Lisa’s face was only a few inches away. When my senses of touch came back to me, I suddenly realized that I was holding her… in various places…

I panicked and tried to get up but it failed and I fell down from my bed. I squat on the floor while hugging my head since it was the first to go down.

“What the hell. Calm down!”

“Are we supposed to be calm in a position like that? Even lovers can’t keep calm when they’re hugging in a bed!”

Goddamn it, my heart is pounding like crazy. Her face looks like a strawberry right now too.

There are three of you who can’t calm down.

Who’s the third guy?

Not a guy but your son.

I’m sorry for getting a wake-up wood, okay?

“Wake-up wood” my ass, that only happens when you wake up in the morning. It’s even called a morning wood sometimes.

“B-but, you looked so happy and sa-satisfied when you were hugging me.”

The redness on her cheeks started to spread throughout her face. She fiddles with her hair and looks away from me as she explained.

“I didn’t want to wake you up because you looked like a child who won’t let go of his mom…”

Stop making me flustered, Lisa. My chest might explode from this.

She indirectly said that your boner was caused by the sensation of her tits.

Will you shut up for a second?

I need to somehow escape for now. I can’t deal with this pressure coming from this sort of sexy atmosphere. It was sexy because I can see her shirt revealing certain parts from my peripheral view and we were both alone in a room and her lips kind of looked so soft and AAAAHHHHHHH!!!

“I-I-I need to go to the bath room real quick. W-wait here.”

I immediately scrambled my way out of the room. I rushed to the bathroom to

comfort yourself?

I hate to admit it, but yes.

That’s kind of… hmm…

But I guess it got canceled by the call made by someone. Just as I was about to open the zipper from my pants, Lisa came calling.

“Raijin! Someone’s calling you.”

“Who is it?”

It looks like Lisa went downstairs just to tell me that. Her voice seemed pretty close to the bathroom.

“An unknown number.”

That’s strange.

What’s strange, the number being unknown or the fact that someone who is not your mom or Lisa was calling?

The latter obviously.

I don’t remember giving the number to anybody else except Lisa. Crap, how did the person know my number? I was too incautious.

“Don’t answer it but don’t reject it either. Let it ring.”

I pulled my shorts back and went out to get my phone from Lisa.

Judging from how long the ringing was taking, it looks like the person called a few seconds after I went out of my room. Talk about timing.

After a while, the ringing stop and a voice mail came in.

“Raijin, message me later when you get this.”

It was Alex. Wait, how the hell did he get my number?

“Alex? How come you don’t have his number? I have his number saved on my phone.”

Lisa showed me her phone with Alex’ name in her contacts. The power of a normie. This is normal you nitwit. I think

I saved his number on my contacts and shoved my phone in my pocket.

“Wanna stay for dinner?”

“What about Alex? He told you to message him.”

As much as I want to tell Lisa the plans Alex and I formulated, the plan included breaking in Giselle’s house and I think she’ll only clobber my ass if she knew that.

“It’s probably nothing important.”

I’ll talk to him about the show-off part I formulated before I slept a few hours ago. Speaking of which, how many hours did I sleep?

Before I could look at the clock, something rumbled. When I looked at Lisa, she desperately tried to play dumb and pretend she didn’t hear it. Acting alone could’ve gotten her out but her face was red as a tomato.

I checked the time and it was already past seven.

“Time for dinner. Pizza?”


“Stop acting dumb, it’s too obvious.”

I ordered a couple of pizzas with the same distribution of 3:1. We ate them and I escorted Lisa on the way to her apartment.

When I was about to go home after walking her there, she suddenly struck me with her words that felt heavy for some reason.

“You’re not alone anymore, okay?”

I forced a smile to try to look like I was fine and not worried about what she said and what it meant at all.

I went right back to my place and straight to my room, booted my PC and began to chat with Alex who was unexpectedly online.

R: “I also have something to talk about. But you can go first.”

A: “Regarding the date of Brandon and Giselle, I think we should have him show off so that date can have more positive feedback.”

R: “It’s kind of creepy how I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking of a way and it was for Brandon to write letters to her.”

A: “Alright then. I’ll blackmail Brandon to write some letters and sort of motivate him to ask her out this Saturday.”

I refused to retort what the “blackmailing” thing was because I’m starting to look at it as normal now taking into account all the weird people from my family and extending to the small group of people I know acts – basically everybody in my life is making weird things look normal.

“You’re not alone anymore” huh…

What’s up?

Not much. I’m just curious with what Lisa told me earlier.

Didn’t she mean what she said? Maybe you’re just over thinking about it.

That part I understand. But I feel like there’s something with those words.

To be honest, I think I see your point. But what can you do? You can’t even read her.

This is the hardest part of being new to something. You doubt almost every new thing even though you know you enjoy it. This is going to rip me of my daily life as an emotionless loner and make me feel pain and happiness. Hopefully more on the happiness side.

I wonder what’ll happen if Lisa knew about your plans regarding Giselle’s place.

She’d definitely kill me.

I think I should notify her now to lessen my casualties.

That doesn’t let you off the hook though.

I’m prepared for that.

“What the fuck!?”

Her voice echoed through my ear and throughout the whole room.

“How did you even open her room?”

“Alex knew the code. It was her birth year.”

The static that was ringing in my ears was making me anxious of what she was gonna say next. Oh damn, this is the first time I angered her I think. You think?

A few seconds later,

“Are you going to talk about it later?”

“We did a while back but I guess we will too later.”

You do realize she had something planned if you say that, right?

Like her coming over?

“I’m coming over.”

Or staying the night?

“I’ll sleep there too!”

You jinxed yourself. Idiot.

I want to go scream my lungs out because of those thoughts.

“W-wait, you don’t have to. Let’s calm down–”


She hung up on me.

Lock the doors.

Hell no! She’s not a monster… right?


A few minutes later, our door was banging together with Lisa shouting “Open up!” in our doorstep. I couldn’t move a muscle after she hung up on me due to my worries of whatever she’ll do to me.

I opened the door and saw her panting with a duffle bag on her right shoulder.

“You didn’t have to rush over.”

“It’s an emergency.”

No it’s not.

She forced herself in my room and made her way upstairs. I tried to chase her down but her panties were showing just above her sweatpants but I couldn’t tell her so I decided to wait for a while before going upstairs.

When I got to my room, she already had her duffle bag on my bed and was already using my PC. I have never seen her face look so serious in my screen before.

“Are we staying up all night?”

I asked her a question right after knocking on my already open door.

“Because if we are, I’m gonna make some coffee.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

I came back with a couple of mugs of coffee. She immediately jumped in my bed before I gave her the cup. As for me, I looked at what Lisa looked at while I was making coffee.

“So, how’s the convincing from Alex going?”

“I don’t know. He’s blackmailing Brandon so I doubt it’d result into anything good.”

“That’s not good at all. Hey, your coffee making skills are getting better.”

“Oh, thanks. I tried putting honey this time too.”

This is kind of nice but you wouldn’t believe she was yelling at me over the phone half an hour ago. We talked casually while drinking our coffee.

She said that Kate got confessed to by her classmate and rejected him with no mercy whatsoever. When I asked her for the picture, the guy was a completely nice looking dude with no mark of asshole-ness.

“I guess he’s just not Kate’s type?”

“Kate prefers bad boys anyway.”

What’s up with that kind of thinking?

Why not think about what kind of boys Lisa prefers.

I bet she doesn’t have any preference.

Yet you want to know.

I want to know, but I shouldn’t. Case closed.

You can just ask her directly.

Will you shut it?

“Hey, you’ve gone silent for a while now. You okay?”

Lisa asks me whilst I argued with my imaginary narrator.

“Yeah, I was just thinking about some stuff.”

“So what kind of girl is your type?”


Oh wow, she just asked that casually. You see? Lisa even has more balls than you do.

Please don’t say that. It’d be weird if she had literal balls in the first place.

“I-I never thought about them.”


Lisa leans in, trying to make me say something while teasing me. Please don’t do that Lisa, I am idiotically honest right now and I don’t know what my preferences are.

“W-what about you?”

“Me? I like mysterious guys in general.”

She smiles brighter than that of the stars I used to gaze at in the middle of the night, making them tremble and down their knees to how much radiance she gave off. I’m starting to wonder if all normies are goddesses.

“And stoic guys too I guess.”

Stoic guys?

Are you a stoic guy?

I’m not supposed to tell you know.

Too bad if you’re not her type then.

Like I care.

“Stoic huh? What, you want guys to be self-proclaimed mysterious and stoic to steal your heart away?”

“I’ll just know. It’s a gut feeling.”

After that was awkward silence. Ugh, I hated that silence, it camouflaged in the quiet of the night. It may seem like I’m not suffering from it but I actually am. This might be the first long silence that fell upon our atmosphere since the first time we met.

Why did she come here in the first place again?

“Wait a second. Let me change the topic: why did you come here even though you already know my intentions and motives? Surely there is a reason right? I mean if your reason was to annoy or tease me then please stop that it hurts it hurts ow ow ow”

For some reason, she grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled it with all her might making me groan and curse due to the pain.

“Just let me sleep here, okay?”

Together with your blushed face? You’re not acting cute today. Oh, that’s the ‘cu’ I was looking for.

Haven’t you been using that since ages ago?

I sometimes forget. The term “cute” is overrated after all.

“Alright. Mom will probably come home and wake us up.”

I positioned myself in my gaming chair, trying to find the most comfortable spot. When I did hit it, my body suddenly loses control and lays there. Feels good man.

Lights out I guess.

I couldn’t tell if I slept or not because it felt like it was only a couple of seconds of eye shut. Mom woke me up and was surprised to see Lisa on the bed. She had a rough time waking her up as well.

We went to school as usual, attending our classes, eating snacks and lunch under the tree, etc. But for some reason, around last period, Brandon asked the whole class to self study and called me out in the gym.

“Why are you the only one being called out?”

Lisa whispers to me across the seat.

“They still don’t know that you already know this. And don’t let them know, it’s gonna get really messy if you do.”

I left the room and went straight to the gym. The gym was mostly free every day since the PE classes are held on Mondays only.

When I arrived at the gym, Brandon and Alex were already fighting. The guy acting as a referee was quite the built tall man.

“Uh, what’s up?”

I asked the group.

“Oh, you must be Ray-gin. I’m Rex and I have the stuff.”

The muscled man reached his hand out.

“Nice to meet you, Rex. Oh and it’s Raijin.”

A lot of rich people buy gym equipment and work out on their homes. I wonder why they do that. Can’t they just like play games and get fat-ter?

Nobody wants to be fat or gain weight.

I wanna gain weight.

That’s because you’re too thin.

“Oh hey, Raijin.”

Alex ignores Brandon’s arguments and talks to me.

“Brandon already agreed”

“Hey, I fucking did not!”

I’m sorry Brandon, but shut up please.

“so we will be using the ear pieces that were provided by Rex to try to guide our guy on the field. Operation start!”

“No weird names?” I retorted.

“Shut the fuck up, kid.” Sorry Alex, I don’t really shut up when you’re not the most laughable person in the world.

“Lay off, Alex. Your naming sense is whack anyway.”

Says Brandon to the rescue.

Playing Cupids

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