The Happy Village [Original Novel]

The Happy Village Novel


Somewhere in the world, surrounded by the beauty and simplicity of Mother Nature, there lies a little village. It dwells in serenity for a period as long as the villagers could remember. They live without much worries and concerns except for their jobs and their personal lives; after all, there seems to be no major problem in the village. Everybody is happy, everybody is prosperous. That goes the same for two elementary girls, Neha and Sachen, who are at best, innocent children living mundane lives. One day, the High Order of the Celestials announces that the gods in the heavens are angry at the village due to the rise of sin and corruption. To combat this, while having to juggle the war against the enemies in the frontiers, extreme measures from the High Order and its administration must be taken to ensure the village’s survival, or else they will succumb into destruction. Anything they have in mind, they are willing to do it, no matter the cost. A series of events will forever agonize the girls and will tear apart their little hearts.


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Slice of life, Tragedy.


Story – Original
By Jimmy Q


Vol-1 epub/pdf
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Status – Completed


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