The Happy Village – Chapter 16 (NEHA?)

The Happy Village




With a red face and dreary eyes, a woman jumped out of the tavern’s door and waltzed along the cobblestone street. Although she had drank so much alcohol, she was still aware of herself. She could see the faint glimmers of the moon and the translucent wings of the dragonflies.

Nara, as she called herself rather than Azukunika, went to the village center and stopped her feet. Around her, conversations from the villagers buzzed her ears. They came off as slurs and warbles, and it quite irritated her so much that she was willing to tussle with one of them. She approached a muscular man and grabbed his collar. With daggering eyes did the man shake himself.

“What you looking at fool? Can’t you see that I am Azukunika… I mean, Nara?!” She hiccuped, and the man waved his face away. He walked off. The lady proceeded to do the same thing with the other villagers. It was only from the bitter stench of her mouth that deter them into annoyance. They brought insults and scowls, but Nara didn’t stop.

She raised her fists and offered a fight against one of them.

“Look at me! I am the best in the world! That’s what he told me before he set off for his special mission! Hic! Hic! God, I can’t take this.”

The remaining villagers left the center. Nara leaned to a building from her left side and suppressed her hiccups. She nodded her head, her heart came to a lull. She began to regret blowing most of her reward money from drinks at the tavern; the staff there questioned her excessive spending, and they wanted her to go to the clinic before she could collapse in her drunkenness. Nara threw the offer off the window, she held herself in the corner. Soon enough did the staff members kicked her out. And here she was, alone and cold in the night. Over the seconds, her face went pale and her throat dried. A lump formed in her bosom, it ached her so.

Nara then took off to the northern district. She staggered her steps, she eyed on the restaurants that had closed shop.

“Yum! I wonder if I can eat there-” Pulling her pockets, she found only dust. “Dammit. I think I ran out of money. Well I have to go to the bank and withdraw more. Good thing the Lama gave me a total of twenty-thousand gold for doing the job! I could buy a house with that stack of money… but sadly, my account is shrinking.” Nara pulled her cheeks, she toughened herself.

She wandered to the intersection and turned left. She arrived at the food stand area. Crickets chirping and the birds sleeping, she yawned as loud as she could. Under the moonlight did she navigate her way to the end of the area. When she stumbled upon the empty space to her right, she laughed.

“That’s right…” Nara said, she faced the space. “I have destroyed you all! Every single one of you lots, the evil Ganshipes you were! Hahahaha!” Her eyes sharpening, her lips curling, Nara slapped her hands upon the cobblestone and shrieked. She couldn’t have felt any better in light of Usheniko and her family’s demise. “This is what you get! Your mansion had been torn down, the High Order confiscated all your possessions, and they booted you out of the village! Oh God, I feel like vomiting from this elation.”

Nara plopped herself to the ground, she wiped her face and continued to laugh. Managing to fulfill her vengeance against the family, the Lama praised her for her hard work. It was within her efforts that she was able to do what she had to do. One might ask why she dared to defy her family and her mother – but from such a question, one should reserve it later on. Nara thanked the heavens for helping her along the way, and though she had accomplished her mission, her time at the village was not over yet. The High Order had one more task for her, albeit her having to act as more of a supporter: it had to do with the cave from the forest. She couldn’t wait any longer, she wanted to knock on the Lama’s door and begged him to act right away. But, she would have to wait.

Nara looked at the sky. There were stars and comets that went along the darkness in a single line. It streaked all the way to the grasslands; and one by one, they dimmed. The moment all of them faded, Nara cried.

“I have done all of this for you, the one that raised me. I have avenged you… that’s what you want, I know! Oh, if only you were alive, then I would have led you to destroying them alongside me, because you hated them so much, for their actions had almost plunged the village into obscurity! Two years ago… time flies by fast, haha! It’s too bad that your grave is not in the cemetery, since the family cremated your body and threw them in the desert. How brutal they must be. But everything is now good. They are gone forever. I don’t have to suffer and play games any longer, especially towards that poor excuse of the woman Usheniko.”

Memories of that person she loved flashed in her mind. Before the revolution against Ozughen’s regime, she used to linger by his side a lot. Everyday, when he went for work in the political sphere, Nara would follow him and watch him until the very end of the day.

Although he noticed her in all instances, he maintained his efforts towards his work. Nara would giggle whenever he came home, and he often brought his friends over for matters pertaining to the regime and the current state of the village. Nara barely paid attention to all that, she instead waited for all his friends to depart. After that, she hung out with him, and they played checkers and they strolled around the village in the night together. Such times, simple as one could perceive it, were fond memories that Nara held to the bottom of her heart. She didn’t want those times to end.

That was, until the days before the revolution. It was a period where everybody’s lives were in turmoil, including his life. When she recalled the time where she received news about him, Nara broke down in tears and wailed for endless days and nights. Then it occurred from there that she vowed to swore vengeance from the humiliation and torture he had faced against the ‘family.’ By joining forces against the 27th Lama, she did everything she could to fight and shed blood. She was a workhorse, and with her strength did she cut down everybody in her way. The best thing that happened to her was when the revolutionaries invaded the temple, the stronghold and the resting place of Ozughen. She slaughtered a quarter of the garrison there, destroyed the trove of gold and jewelry that the regime had amassed, and slayed the ruler himself.

It was a victorious time. Upon recalling such a moment, a blush warmed her face and she smiled.

“Rest in peace.” Nara stood up and waddled along the path of moonlight. “Maybe someday when I die, I will make things up to you. But I ain’t going to die right now.”



The Happy Village

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