I Hold Your Voice Alone, Under The Starry Sky Intermission 2 — Preparations to go to the Ball

I Hold Your Voice Alone, Under The Starry Sky





Being able to be part of the play was like a dream.

And I’d be acting with Shuu…

Of course, I wasn’t acting on my own, but I think being able to break through the five years between us was the most important thing. Luckily, my cousin, aunt and uncle were all out on the Saturday. They were back the next day, but it seemed like the President had recovered by then.

Now then. It was Monday now. It was time to execute the mission I should have carried out on Saturday.

I took my cousin’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

My phone had no contract, so I couldn’t really connect to the internet outside and because of that, I couldn’t go out with Shuu-san. Just going somewhere there was free Wi-Fi would be boring so I borrowed the hotspot.

I didn’t steal it, I was just borrowing it. Let me just explain, even though she went in tears to her mother to get her to take out the contract, she barely used it.

You might think that I should ask to borrow it, but she’d never let me, if anything she’d definitely not let me because I asked.

I left for home a little early that day. Onee-chan was with her club and my aunt and uncle were at work. It was fine.

I’d used it before when I went to meet Shuu-san at C Station and I’d borrowed it quietly then and hadn’t been found out. I’m sure I won’t this time either.

I got home and sneaked into her room still with my bag on.

She had a pretty curtain, a cute desk, lots of stuffed toys, idol posters…

Her room had everything mine didn’t. I gave those things a sidelong glance as I put my head into the wardrobe.

The hotspot was thrown into the chaos within a paper bag.

I don’t need a pretty room.

If I had Shuu-san, I could live. Everything would be fine.

I hid the hotspot and charger in my pocket and left the room.

This was my pumpkin carriage.



I Hold Your Voice Alone, Under The Starry Sky

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